Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2nd March, Wed.

Your day will be just fine. Enjoyment and work all in balance. There will be a tendency to be miserly though. Those in the business of construction, projects will go great, you will have your hands full with work. Lucky color for you is Dull Pink.
It seems some experiences of life have scared you, you are now feeling scared to open up, to start new relations. You are sitting with knives in your hands lest anyone should try to get close. Lucky color for you is Rainbow colors.
Confrontations and anger is very likely the main agenda of your day. confront where necessary, it is good to be aggressive and adventurous sometimes. Take care. Lucky color for you is Orange.
If you plan to join a cause or any group, should do it today. Get all the information and expertise needed from a professional, for any major decisions. Lucky color for you is Red.
You will feel like the queen, decisions will be in your hands, authority will be with you, yet you will be so loving and caring. Money will flow in today. Lucky color for you is Turquoise Blue.
Creativity at its best. You will be full of energy and happiness, spreading it all around. Singers, painters great day for you. Lucky color for you is Gold.
You may be planning to start a new project, beginning on an unknown journey. This will bring in freshness in your life but you should not just go blindfolded. Lucky color for you is Sea Green.
Everybody around you would seem to be a fighting mood. Small irritants would be bothering you, there maybe arguments with family and friends. lucky color for you is Green.
You will need to strike a balance in your life, whether it is financial or personal you cannot be giving one more importance than the other. Lucky color for you is Cream.
You will be tempted to sit a brood upon what you have rather than concentrate on what other opportunities you are getting. Blessings are on you today, look around and check your options. Lucky color for you is Magenta.
Some domineering, strong person in your life will be focus of your attention today. Not that you are any less, you will be quite stubborn and rude also. Stability and security in your life will be there. Lucky color for you is Gold.
Good news financially, slow improvement at work and personal life. You may get unexpected help from someone today. Lucky color for you is Lime Green.

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