Thursday, March 17, 2011

18th March, Fri.

You will be successful in any undertaking or any venture.  Your innocence will win you great appreciation and recognition. Lucky color for you is Dark Yellow.  
Professional advice is important. Take guidance and then make the important decisions. Advise only when you are sure of your expertise. Lucky color for you is Blue.
Party time guys. Celebration of something new in life, friends or family, everyone will hold great importance. Forming a bond or relationship with new people is also possible. Lucky color for you is Black.
You should expect proposals today, whether it is a new business idea or cupid knocking on the door. If you need any help, you can get it but you would need to ask for it. Lucky color for you is White.
You will decide on a very important matter which will be the foundation to a much more secure and committed future. Financially good day, go ahead sign new deals. Lucky color for you is Gold.
 Sometimes we need to let the superior power guide us. Take professional opinion to resolve any matter of importance. Know that just what you see cannot be the decider, you have to cover all angles.  Lucky color for you is Red.
Viewing things differently can clarify a lot of confusions. Just sit back patiently do not take any action and change your way of approaching things. Lucky color for you is Mauve.
Make your heart strong, don’t let people hurt you. There could be back stabbing and someone can break your trust. Be careful and cautious and hopefully you can minimize the loss. Lucky color for you  is Bright Yellow.
You could feel frustrated and tied down, like nothing is happening, you don’t see the results coming. You just need to make a little more effort and look around you will see that the finishing line is not too far. Lucky color for you  is Cream.
Take care of your health. Do not take undue risks at work. Keep a low profile and ask for help, don’t wait. Lucky color for you is Orange.
You will be moving towards calmer and stable future. The end of problems bothering you is not far now. Lucky color for you is Baby Pink.
You will be the life of social gatherings. Your energy, your talent to handle situations is looked upon and you shall enjoy the attention and appreciation. Those looking to get in the entertainment field, good day. lucky color for you is White.

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