Tuesday, March 22, 2011

23rd March, Wed.

An authoritative person, someone whose morals and ethics are more important to him than emotions, will be playing a big role in your life today. If you are looking for help at work his advice will be valuable, but for the matters of the heart do not expect any sympathy here. Lucky color for  you is Pista Green.
You won’t be in control of situations around you nor of yourself. Materialistic holds more value than love or emotions or ethics, today. the devil in you is unleashed, it does not mean all bad, you do need a thrive/ambition to be motivated. Lucky color for you is Orange.
More than hard work you need to be skillful, you need to get into the depth of the matter. You can feel frustrated but the more you can perfect yourself the better it will be. Lucky color for you is Mauve.
Today you can be popular, create a name for yourself. You will earn the recognition and victory at work. Friends will respect you more and follow your suggestions. Lucky color for you is  Brown.
Full of energy and excitement today. Superiors will guide you well, teach you management skills, a smooth working environment. Creativity and originality will be your weapons of success. Lucky color for you is White.
Your focus of attention today will be a caring and helpful but a strong person, who knows how to be there but doesn’t know how to show love. He/she is sitting over their emotions and won’t let them out. Lucky color for you is Brick Red.
You seem to be quite emotionally upset and bored with things around you. Instead of counting your blessing you will be brooding over them, this way you will miss out on what more is being offered to you. Lucky color for you is Maroon.
A change for the better is coming and coming fast. Busy day for you, so be ready to catch the opportunities that come for you today. Message from far away is coming, chance are some good news. Lucky color for you is Yellow.
You will be served a great offer in your platter today. The gates to a beautiful and steady life open for you, do not miss the opportunity.  Keep your eyes and ears open for the gift from high above. Lucky color for you is Turquoise Blue.
You are finally coming out of the troubled waters. You have managed successfully to get everyone out of turmoil and now home is not too far. Your sharp mind is your strength. Lucky color for you is Red.
You are ready to take action now. You will be quite restless and on the move today. All this energy is good but my advice, have patience, don’t be rushing with anything. Lucky color for you is Green.
You will be quite aggressive today. Wouldn’t want to sit down and talk. For a calm personality as yours sometimes it is good to be in action but you need to know how to defend yourself. Lucky color for you is Cream.

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