Sunday, March 13, 2011

14th March, Mon

Good day to start new projects/work. Future looks bright and stable and you see to be in a good mood too. So have fun. Lucky color is Magenta.
You are being selfish and not enjoying your own luxuries too. This will make you stressful and you won’t be too pleased with yourself. Lucky color for you is  Aqua Blue.
Do not feel lonely nor stay alone today. Be there be involved there is a lifetime to do soul searching. Do not let depression set in. lucky color is dull Blue.
Things would be pretty out of control, quite unmanaged. You may not get a very helpful attitude from superiors at work either. Take care of your money. Lucky color for you is White.
You will certainly be more in control of your emotions today. You will get a more clear vision of things, answers to questions you have been searching for. Lucky color for you is Gold.
People may seem to be running away from their responsibilities, from you, may be avoiding and stealing away too. You must be very careful and wear a distant attitude on you too. Lucky color for you is Maroon.
Good day to pick up some skills, learn the intricacies of the business. Work hard and results will also start showing soon. Lucky color for you is Silver.
Not feeling too bright today? Ask, talk see how soon you will feel better. Don’t keep things within you, that will spoil your health. Take care of you finances as well. Lucky color for you is Orange.
Time to be the leader. You have the capabilities, you have the air, take the step forward show the people you can lead the way, achieve your goals this is the time. Lucky color for you is Red.
You don’t have to take everything literally to heart. You will be feeling disheartened and pained. If people and things are against you, may be its time to change your approach. Lucky color for you is Cream.
Losses can make you feel sad and disappointed but you need to gather yourself up, you can still savor a lot and also recover the lost ones. Lucky color for you is Blue.
Things are not going so much according to plans, small, small irritants will nag you throughout the day. there will be arguments and disagreements but remember you sometimes just cannot give in. Lucky color for you is  Rose Pink.

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