Monday, March 7, 2011

8th March

Be logical, be direct but don’t be blunt. Do not be aggressive. In relationships today you could feel at war with your partner, those having marriage troubles be very careful, do not take any decisions in a haste. Lucky color for you is Deep Red.
Your home is your space, your comfort zone. You will feel great pleasure to be home with your family, be creative enjoy your day so positively energized. Lucky color for you is Olive Green.
A new business proposal could be coming your way, final decision is yours but listen to everyone. Be trusting and go through every detail. Lucky color for you is Ruby Red.
You need to change your outlook, every coin has two sides, and you have concentrated far too long on one now it is time to see the other. Show tolerance and endurance. Lucky color for you is Grey Blue.
As we sow, so shall we reap. Waiting for something important in your life, the wait is now over, but the result is what you deserve, so accept as the decision of the powers beyond. Lucky color for you is Maroon.
You will see order come in your life, after a chaos. An elderly person or fatherly figure will have great influence on you. Do not be too stubborn today. Lucky color for you is Black.
Confidence and passion is required from you, do not sit back with great ideas in your mind, speak up in the meeting, this is your chance to climb up the stairs of success. Lucky color for you is Mustard.
Keep a helpful attitude and you will see how much help you get from your superiors. Creativity and excitement at the top today. Lucky color for you is Dark Yellow.

You need to think objectively, do what is right. You can and should be able to cut through all confusions. Lucky color for you is Cream.
You will find yourself clearer in thought. Be prepared for some secrets can be revealed, there is more to things that is seen, so if you have an intuition about something do not ignore it. Lucky color for you is Orange.
Forget and forgive and start again. This is a sure short mantra to happiness. You will be inclined to begin a new journey, with a happy-go-lucky attitude but you need to be more careful and watch your each step. Lucky color for you is White.
Sometimes we don’t realize so our body makes sure that we take a break. Take care today, if work has problems, refresh your mind and then start fresh.  People with migraines keep your medication handy. Lucky color for you is White.

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