Thursday, March 3, 2011

4th March, Fri.

Thank God it's Friday, a smile for everyone!

You must be very careful and alert today, there is a chance someone is backstabbing you. Your loved ones will be very unhappy today and you will also be quite heartbroken. Take care. Lucky color for you is Yellow.
Better late than never, today is the day for justice, so if you have any cases pending the decisions might be made today. Keep all your paper work in check. Lucky color for you is  Amber.
Finally some air to breathe. People will be helpful and show a better more loving attitude. there could be marriage proposals and meeting new love in your life. Keep an open & patient mind. Lucky color for you is Bright Yellow.
You have some ideas in mind, go on explore them, think about it from all sides, don’t miss out on any angle. There could be some power and control issues at work or home. Lucky color for you is Orange.
Everything in life needs your attention today, you have to balance things out, you need to give each aspect your time, juggle between things. Lucky color for you is Gold.
It is a good day, long due, go to a party, celebrate unions and welcome new member in the family. Lucky color for you is Maroon.
You are busting with energy, you have idea and creative plans which want to show around. If you have been planning to take up some classes  to enhance your skills, do it today. Lucky color for you is Red.
Life will start showing some stability after a lot of uncertainties. Financial gains today so you can make investments. Lucky color for you is Yellow.
What a love filled day, blessings from the above on you. Lucky day top get married, start new ventures, join new company. Lucky color for you is Black.
Your energy is revived make good use of it, be creative, be happy. A lady, full of life and artistic, inventive will have quite an influence on you. Lucky color for you is Steel Grey.
No one wants to listen to anyone today. There are arguments and acquisitions all around. keep your stand but remember not all battles are worth fighting for. Lucky color for you is Mustard.
Each step you take ahead you will look back and walk. You are not going to give anyone a chance to attack or confront you. Being clever and thinking a move ahead, that’s what you should do. Lucky color for you is  Sea Green.

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