Thursday, March 24, 2011

25th March, Fri.

You are troubled and worried and it is going to affect you a lot. You will have sleepless  nights, headaches, frustrations, name it and its there. You must relax and leave the worries to God. Easy said than done but, when there is not much you can do, why make it worse. Lucky color for you is Magenta.
You feel so in charge, in control and ready to take the bull by the horns. Plans and ideas are all in place, even the backup plan is set, the only issue is there are more people also who want to take the control. Whoever proves themselves first, gets to lead. Lucky color for you is Light Purple.
Even though you are moving slowly towards success, there is still a lot of stubbornness in you and you may realize you are wrong but you wont accept it. To speed up the financial gains, change your approach. Lucky color for you is Maroon.
 Hope is the essence of life. Be generous, give hope to others for a happier future and you shall reap the results too. A good day to get connected with a charitable organization or make donations. Lucky color for you is Brick Red.
 You will have success at work and in family. People running family businesses will see great profits. When you move further in life, taking everyone together, you achieve greatest results. lucky color for you is Red.
 Your energy would seem absolutely drained out at home. Today is not the day when you want to be in the comfort of your home. You did rather be doing something worthwhile running around, working or just socializing but not stay closed up at home. Lucky color for you is Sky Blue.
Feeling lonely, want to stay by yourself. Be alone, take this alone time to gain some prospectus, do some soul searching, learn what experiences in life have taught you. Lucky color for you is Amber.
Emotionally you are very down and have suffered loss. But do not let this get on you, don’t be depressed there are things you can improve and although you don’t see any hope just yet, never forget that after every night comes the day. lucky color for you is Ruby Red.
You will be caring and helpful but sometimes when it comes to showing your love, you are just too reserved. Although your calm and serene attitude and maturity will earn you a high, try to show a little more of your feelings, at home at least. Lucky color for you is Orange.

Just wait patiently, you have done all you can and now you just need to wait and watch. Actually put your attention onto seeing problems from a new prospectus, see it with a new eye. Lucky color for you is Bright Yellow.
You can be sure that all your hard work and efforts have moved you towards a lot more stability in life. You have left the tough times behind you so, feel more secure and confident. Lucky color for you is  Silver.
Take some time off from the daily chores. Spend some time with yourself, try to see the reality of the situation. You have the experience and the wisdom in life, but you need to realize it, get in touch with your inner feelings. Lucky color for you is Cream.

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