Monday, March 28, 2011

29th March

Materialism becomes an obsession for you today. You will be addicted and addiction for anything is not good.  Tip for you is to be fair, to be ethical and use your brain constructively. Lucky color for you is Yellow.
You have no direction, no planning today, you are just moving somewhere, because you have to.                                          Tip for you is to work for your right, to do the hard work and achieve the great results. Lucky color for you is Orange.
Do not be wooed in by the shinning and dazzling things far away. You will be prone to creating your fantasy world today and being disillusioned.       Tip for you is, do not listen to anyone today, make your own decisions and stick by them no matter what. Lucky color for you is Black.
You are quite paranoid today, and keep looking back making sure no one comes to harm you. You are ready to defend yourself anyway, be it with ideas and arguments or actually fighting.        Tip for you is not be alone, to be there, with everyone and learn from others more than give your own ideas. Lucky color for you is Pale Green.
Your mind will be getting some peace now. You have managed to come out of all that was troubling you or your family and moving towards more stability.                                                        Tip for you is take things in your control, lead others with your ideas and plans, you know your stuff so be confident enough to  move forward. Lucky color for you is Bright Red.
When the decision from the high above comes, there is nothing we can do to change it and today your decision will come from high above. Your karmas will be accounted.                                           Tip for you is feel good about yourself, feel loved and love everyone. Enjoy and distribute the goodies of life. Lucy color for you is Rose Pink.
Businesswise good day, and better options available to you, but you will keep a very stubborn attitude and that can be a problem.                               Tip for you is, be proud of yourself but do not just yet start riding the horse of victory, be patient. Lucky color for you is Olive Green.
All hell breaks loose today. There could be a lot of things happening and really fast. You may not like at all what’s going on, but on the brighter side when you start from scratch, you have the power to shape things your way.                                                      Tip for you is, hold on to whatever you have, even if you are being miser. Lucky color for you is Maroon.
You will enjoy the day, very pleasant and innocent and light atmosphere. Those single you may be falling in the innocent puppy love, which is cute but do not forget everything has its responsibilities.                                             Tip for you is don’t let frustrations in life get on to you. Worry and think but not to the extent that your health gets affected. Lucky color for you is Brown.
You are full of energy and ideas and are happy to share and listen too. You will be great in managing different things and doing a perfect job.                               Tip for you is, be aggressive, get going, do what you have to, to keep your side on the table. Lucky color for you is Gold.
You would want to just sit back, take a peek at situations from a different point of view, different angle. Take your time a new prospective is always good.                                                                 Tip for you is, be open to options, people and accept it with love. Listen to everyone and be empathetic. Lucky color for you is Purple.
For some time now you have been busy in self pitying and although there has been actual suffering you need to be strong. The sooner you jerk yourself out of it the sooner you will come out of it.                                                       Tip for you is, do not sit and just brood over so little you have, look around, the higher authorities are being very generous to you so don’t miss out on any good opportunity. Lucky color for you is Sky Blue.

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