Saturday, March 31, 2012

2012 for Pisceans

Jan-Feb.-  Your year starts with exquisite power in you to turn everything to your advantage, beautifully blending work, family, love, relations. Especially good time for politicians, sales persons. You may or may not actually possess everything, you may give the illusion to others of possessing. This continues in the next month too and you should expect good news and things happening quickly. Although here is more reality and what was in your mind may actually happen.
April-June- As temporary and suddenly things worked for you in previous two months, as suddenly it would end too. It is time for change and to have a permanency in life, you need to start from scratch, building success step by step. But this could keep you feeling quite low and depressed in the next couple of months. You could be selfish and overly emotional, this can bar your thinking. With this you will be more calculative, conniving and scared for the fear of losing or trusting people. Try to keep a balance between your heart and mind around this time.
June-Aug- Beautiful times cannot stay away for long. This is the time for new beginnings, enjoying family relations and blessings from above on your home. Plan to start new creative projects around July. You will have a clear vision of how, what, when. You can make investments, take business risks, join ventures. Although all this can make you obsessed with materialistic world Aug.  You could feel lured to the wrong direction, so must abstain yourself from materialism.
Sep.-Dec.- Great time from now till the end of the year. Enjoy a great position at work, abundance, love success. Woman can get pregnant, if they have been trying for some time. Improvements all over. You could be buying property or making upgrades to your home. People will be very helpful to you around Oct. Marriages and additions to the family seen during these months. Those looking to get married or in relationships will get married or commit to the relationship. Nov. is also the month to make choices, make the right choices and there will be no looking back. Beautiful beginnings in relationships, family or work before the end of Dec., success is yours this year. Enjoy!

Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 for Taurians

Jan-Apr-Year started with you budding with excitement. Fresh ideas, maybe some person in your life, who sparks a light in your heart, could be around you. There will be exciting news coming soon, there could be travel overseas involved. More business through online or internet will be on. Around March, though things may not be as planned. You could feel out of ideas, less enthusiasm. You  could face problems from your boss, who could be unappreciative of your efforts. This may lead you to feel left out and aloof. You may want to take shortcuts or shun your responsibilities. You must be very careful with what you do, you could be tempted to cheat.
May-Aug-As summer approaches, your situation will start to turn for the better. You may not notice changes at 1st but there will be slow improvements, be it at work or personal life. You will soon start to take a new approach to things, you will learn to be more patient and think from a very different perspective. By July, you will see more stability yet you will be quite clingy to your possessions. May be the experience in the past few months would make you so, you would share, quite miserly, love, money or concepts. Then again, you will stop to assess what you have achieved, is the effort worth it, but you should know hard work never goes in vain.
Sep-Dec.-You will feel more comfortable in your life now, feel a balance coming in, in professional and personal life. You will enjoy all the earthy pleasures and would be more at ease to share with the world too. Woman will especially get a lot of appreciation everywhere. Oct. will be a time for assessment of your own self, of your actions. How you behaved in the last few months is how you coming months would be. As of now, you will be feeling stuck and frustrated towards the end of the year. You won’t be able to think clearly. The best thing to do would be to just let go, instead of unnecessarily struggling. You have been too caught up in the materialistic world and by end of the year all this will take a toll on you, so best thing would be to just stop, do not run after, do not pursue which is not yours.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 for Geminis

Jan-Mar-The year began with planning and making efforts and balancing your life. You are looking into the future, looking ahead and trying to take control. Flowing through the next month wasn’t easy, there was much frustration and a feeling of being tied down, not being able to see clearly but as time passes you will see you are able to utilize your energy very optimistically. It is also the time for starting new business or getting a good job. It is especially great time for creative people.
Apr-Jun-This will be a wonderful time, next to months you will be doing very well at work and enjoying great time with family and friends. There will be progress at work, so enjoy the luxuries, parties and fun time along with your hard work, because june will be low month. You may feel deprived of what is rightly yours and there could be disagreements. Financial loss indicated.
July-Sep-Well even though there could have been lows in the last month, but you will have great success coming your way starting July. Professional and personal life, you will achieve great heights and some may welcome new members in the family. Around the next month you could sign some contracts, legal papers, join in a new association. After all this somehow still in sep. you will feel a bit dull, you have to remember everyday cannot be a sunny day so maybe it is good to calm down a bit after months of excitement. Be cheerful otherwise you may miss out on some other opportunities knocking on your door.
Oct-Dec.-You will feel emotionally happy and loved and these are good months for family reunions. This time indicates that a woman, a motherly figure will be of great help if you are facing any kind of situation. New love coming into life is indicated. Even though things are going smooth but an important decision may be pending and you must be very thorough before you make a final decision. Relationships could be at upheaval, you must make your choice after great thought, love is not easy to find.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 for Sagittarius

Jan-Mar-Starting this year it is time to focus on your inner strength, to restrain, to hold in the urge to act on impulse, this is the time for endurance and building self-confidence. You will enjoy a great time with family, enjoy a position or power at the same time now you have learnt to use it at the right time. It is a good time for those planning to start a family. As spring approaches you will also calm down, instead of putting on a show of power you would enjoy the authority and use it productively. Should expect promotions.
April-May-You cannot seem to sustain the perseverance for too long, can you? You would set in a mood to break all rules follow your own mind, not working in a social circle. Remember we live in a society, we live surrounded by family and friends, you need to consider other’s feelings also if not 50-50 then at least try 40-50 ratio. By may you would recoup all your energy and put it to constructive work. New projects or business opportunities will come.
June-July-Beautiful time for you. Best months for this year. Start any work, it will be profitable, invest anywhere you will make money. Expect good news in the family. Good time for marriage and starting family. You may be travelling around this time. You will put a foundation for a promising future at this time.
Aug-Dec-Probably all the excitement of the previous months has tired you and you may feel weary and worn-out but remember this is the last step, do not stop now otherwise all your efforts will go in vain. You need to be very careful around September, this is a time for some changes in your life and the more you try to control it the more difficult it will be. It is a tough time but know that when 1 door closes many other open, so do not worry on a job loss or obstructions in your path. Patience is a virtue. It is time to test the waters, know what you are capable of, and know your strengths and weaknesses. Try meditation and keep yourself relaxed. You will feel low and close yourself to the outer world, keep your feelings bottled up but this will only create a distance between you and others, those you love and care for. Try not to bottle up and turn a deaf ear to others. By end of the year, you will be looking out for better options all the plans you may have put in previous projects, now you will gear up and start putting planning into action.