Wednesday, March 9, 2011

10th March, Thurs.

Change is the essence of life. Your day is going to bring in some major changes in your life style, some good, some not so good. If you are ready for them, it’ll be easier to accept them. Lucky color for you is Green.
There is good news and bad news. Yes, you have been suffering, things are not working out the way you want them to, you are not feeling too confident about yourself, but this is all going to be over now. Bad as they maybe things are not that bad that you cannot recover, so cheer up and let’s get ready to begin again. Lucky color for you is Custard Pink.
Be thankful and feel pleased for what you have. Share with others, you’re the perfect host, people feel safe under your protection and guidance so do that. Have a lovely day. lucky color for you is Bright Yellow.
All the hard work and the prep work is almost done. You are at the last step now. Arguments and disagreements can happen, but you can win them and triumph. Lucky color for you is Bright Red.
Not every day can be well organized and managed, today is one of those days, quite disorganized and chaotic. You won’t feel too confident or authoritative so just try to go with it. Lucky color for you is White.
A good day at home to be with family and loved ones. Be creative, be energetic get a life get some love in your nest. Happiness is waiting at the door. Lucky color for you is Grey.
Meet old friends, share time with kids. If you are looking for answers, just think back, sometimes biggest of answers are just sitting at there and we don’t see them. Lucky color for you is Blue.
All the effort being put in is not showing the results as it should. May be you need to improve your skills a bit more. Financial loss indicated, so be careful today. Lucky color for you is Maroon.
Your advice, your expertise can be great for many. You will enjoy a great position at work, financial gains also but there is something else you are looking for, something else you need, that’ll come to you, just look around. Lucky color for you is Cyan Blue.
You will need to be very careful today. Each step you take will need your eyes and ears open. Loss is indicated, someone can back stab you, you could be hurt. Lucky color for you is Mustard.
All hell breaks loose today. If you are not careful and alert you could get hurt emotionally. People close to you are playing games against you. Take care. Lucky color for you is White.
Not all decisions can be made from heart. You need to learn this too. Be authoritative, be the decider, give orders which benefit you. Lucky color for you is Gold.

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