Monday, March 21, 2011

22nd March, Tue.

A person with strong values, who is caring, helping, will be quite influential in your day. If you need help, this is the person to go to and talk to, 90% chances things will work out in your favor, whether at work or a family matter. Lucky color for you is Olive Green.
Every army needs a general to lead the troops, otherwise there will be a total chaos and half of them would be running in the wrong direction. Step up to that position take control and strategize your moves rather than walking straight into the enemy. Lucky card for you is Gold.
Sometimes it’s just not your day and how much effort you may put in, you don’t see the destination. You may feel the completion of a project is near, but there is a lot more work to be done. Lucky color for you is Mustard.
To take care of and be helpful to people around you is great deed, although today you need to this with your brain and not your heart. Be impartial and fair without hurting anyone. Lucky color for you is Ruby Red.
Closing your heart to everyone, does that solve your problem? Just keeping the swords ready to attack anyone who tries to get close and fighting with your own self, this is not good. Try taking this shield off and swim out of the emotions there is greenery on the other side. Lucky color for you is Orange.
You will be tempted to hold on to what you have, just sit on it so you don’t lose it, yet you want to show it off too. You feel you have it all secured and you are sitting guarding it all. Well good to keep everything safe but don’t get too miserly about everything. Lucky color for you is White.
Surrounding would disagree with you, people will disagree with you. Some days you just can’t win every argument so save up your energy for the more important ones. Avoid where you can. Lucky color for you is Aqua Marine.
A lot of things have not been working out well for you, you have been distressed but know that this is all now over. Tomorrow will be a new day, so don’t torture yourself and others anymore today and look forward to the future. Lucky color for you is Brown.
Excitement and energy of a young vibrant person will surround you. You must pick up a few tips. If you are planning to take up a course, you should so it. Lucky color for you is Green.
Keeping yourself busy again with juggling between things and trying to maintain a balance in your life. You have somewhere started enjoying this rollercoaster ride of life, I will take this as a warning sign if this card shows up for you again. Lucky color for you is  Dark Yellow.
Things will be happening at a lightning speed, so be prepared, there won’t be much time to think and make decisions. Good opportunities will be knocking at your door. Lucky color for you is Bronze.
You must be careful today, someone is trying to break the peace of your family. Do not flaunt your possessions to anyone today. Take care. Lucky color for you is Pear Green.

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