Sunday, March 20, 2011

21st March, Monday

A mentally stressful day. Running away from problems doesn’t make it easy. You need to be alert, someone may try stealing from you, tangible stuff or the intangible. Lucky color for you is Carrot Red.
You will have power or control issues today. Everybody wants to have the control in their hands. Use your energy for what’s worthwhile and let the rest be. If you are thinking of starting some new business, start making the plans and strategies. Lucky color for you is Cream.
Sometimes you need to make peace with what you can have and get out while there’s still time. Do not keep looking back on what’s left behind.  Be careful of over smart people. Lucky color for you is Pista Green.
You will close out on everyone, fighting within yourself today. seems like a war between the heart and the mind. If you will just open up to someone, the problems can disappear. Lucky color for you is White.
Yes, the problems are a lot and they are serious but not so much that you start self sympathizing. You need to look at the brighter side, the worst is now there, and things only get better from here. So get up and get ready to welcome a new morning. Lucky color for you is Light Yellow.
There could be command/power issues. Be bold, speak your mind but choose your activities wisely. Respect is important but earning it and commanding it is not the same.  Lucky color for you is Black.
The door to a more steady future, to move a step closer to your goal opens now. Be firm but do not be rigid.  Chances of new opportunities at work, sort them carefully but not conservatively. Lucky color for you is White.

Being romantic is and dreaming is good but you cannot forget the reality. Emotionally sensitive day. Atmosphere around you will be filled with love and new love opportunities so cheer up. Lucky color for you is Cream.
You have decided to take a new approach to things in life. Absolutely fresh and innocent but being a mature person you cannot ignore the facts of life. Begin your journey cautiously. Lucky color for you is Steel Grey.

You will keep yourself busy striking a balance in your life between work, family, finances or relationships. It doesn’t mean it is going to be a dull day, you enjoy being able to handle things and bring an equilibrium. Lucky color for you is Amber.
Losses indicated. An hostile environment around you. To win by hook or by crook is the motto of the day. Choose not to put yourself in a situation like this, avoid unnecessary arguments and keep a track of things that are yours. Lucky color for you is Lemon.
You will enjoy your day, enjoy being with your family, feel creative and loved and active and enjoy gatherings with close ones. Prospective grooms and brides to be, marriage bells are ringing. Lucky color for you is Deep Red.

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