Tuesday, March 15, 2011

15th March, Tue.

Your efforts will be recognized and appreciated today at home or at work. Be ready for a promotion and for some travel too. Lucky color for you is Amber.
The 1st step is always is the most difficult one, your plans your ideas are ready to act on. Do not think more and initiate and you will see others will follow. Lucky color for you is Green.
Where business is concerned you need to have a sharp mind, every decision should and would be made with practicality, ethically. Where matters of family is concerned, let the heart decide, you don’t need to be brutally honest. Lucky color for you is White.
Hiding from responsibilities, from answering does not solve problems. Face them, listen to them. Be careful at work someone is being sneaky behind your back. Lucky color for you is Gold.
Emotions will be high, sometimes just caring is not enough, one needs to show the love, which apparently seems a difficult scenario today. Know that there is love even though you may not see it so much. Lucky color for you is Pale Pink.
Channels of communication will be open, you will get a chance to hear and to speak. Lot of energy building inside and around you, whether you turn it positively or negatively is on you. Come up with new ideas, be creative is the hint. Lucky color for you is Yellow.
A day to think about yourself, you earned it so enjoy it too. There may be a tendency to be selfish, but remember happiness when shared doubles up. Lucky color is Mauve.
You will be riding high on waves, going up and down. Chaotic day, things won’t be so much in control, but remember try, try until you succeed. Lucky color is Gold.
Great day, if you have been working on some project for a long time, it will now be ready, completed. Thank God for his blessings. Be ready to make some travel plans too. Lucky color for you is Red.
Lucky day, emotionally sound, love luck in your favor. Financially good too, if you start making profit, you will see it will keep coming more and more. Lucky color for you is Orange.
Feels like every situation is against you. There is a lot of frustration inside you. Right now you are stuck and there isn’t much you can do, but if you look around and slowly make an effort, you can come out of it. Lucky color for you is Lemon Green.
You may not be able to find solutions to every problem but that doesn’t mean you have let your family down. It’s just one of those days when time is not right. So wait for the right time and you shall triumph. Lucky color for you is  Mustard.

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