Sunday, January 30, 2011

30th Jan

Aries- very profitable day, if you are starting new business or job make sure you take care of it like a baby and the results will be amazing. In the matter  of heart, the heart seems to have taken a backseat and the mind has taken over. You will provide for but not show as much care or love as required. Remember whatever is happening is your own doing, so try to do goo always.
Taurus- an okay day for finances, no big gain but you can work on ideas on how to get those big gains. In love relationship there seems to be slow but steady improvement, if you are getting a proposal today, then be sure this is it. Work on how you can improve things in general, research  on all your options, think big.
Gemini- great business or job offer coming, so financial improvement is on its way. You will feel loved and cozy and comfortable in your relationship, make sure you also pamper you partner the same way. Enjoy your day, enjoy all the goodies of life.
Cancer- you will be happy and maybe showy to about  your profits today, may feel  like you showing off the money power, not in a bad sense though. In  love, a day filled with a lot of excitement and fun but somehow make sure you are not in deception maybe it be work or love life or finances, never lose the sight of what actually is.
Leo- some bills you need to clear, seems like work needs attention which of course you can do without much hassle. In love relationship, leave everything to God, whatever he will do, will be fine. Maybe that’s how things were meant to be. Taking undue tensions and this will give you sleepless nights. Take care of yourself and your health, the frustrations are getting the best of you.
Virgo- if some money has been stuck, the payment will start coming now. Slow the start maybe but atleast its not a writeoff. Relations will be great, marriage, children love, and feeling so great. Everything seems fine but you still should be a little careful today.
Libra- thinking of moving to some place or starting a new business. You will try to checkout your options and find positive putcome. Financially no problems today. Relationships seem to be improving too, but a sense of loneliness will still persist.
Scorpio- juggling between bills, expenses. How to manage the home and do the grocery and the shopping and then save some. In relationship you also you will need to balance out. Seems like you have closed your heart totally, so you don’t get hurt, that’s why neither will you go close to anyone nor will let anyone come close to you. The day will be quite hectic.
Sagittarius- finance management problems today. You could have arguments with your business partner or colleague. Frustration in relationship also causing  you pain & feeling so lost but be rest assured this is very temporary and soon things will be fine. You need to be ready to just work hard today and not give up.
Capricorn- not too much money coming in today, but you will be thinking a lot on how to get it coming. In love today you will be just trying to get things to a smooth balance. Work, home, friends, family everything needs its fair share of attention. Otherwise a good day and you will be make some important decision today, making an important choice.
Aquarius- enjoy the fruit of your hardwork, the luxuries of life. In love you will keep a very controlled and balanced atmosphere, which may be good for showing your maturity in the relationship. Somethings are bothering you and they will trouble you quite a lot today.
Pisces- somethings have suddenly come up and putting you off your budget, and you be juggling your finances today. Emotionally strong day in love, but you may not be able to show how much you care & love your partner, which you should try and do. Offers to start some business may come up.

Friday, January 28, 2011

29th Jan

Aries-you may meet you old colleagues at work. Solution to problems, you will find if you go back the memory lane. In love do not keep a very aggressive attitude, understanding and calm, controlled self will be good for you. Slow day but good day.
Taurus- your skills, hidden talent will help you at work today, so think deep and know what you can do best. Plan a trip with your loved one to an exotic place or mountains, quite a busy day for you. Day will be fine just you will plan out new things but keep a careful approach.
Gemini- you want to move ahead, towards something more stable leaving behind, not abandoning, all you achieved till date. You want to move ahead then you should but make sure you are happy doing it. Mind will take over heat today. You will not be in a mood to show love you would prefer to be practical in your relationships. Over all the day will turn out just fine for you so nothing to worry.
Cancer- your review day at work, don’t let it bother you, it is positive unless you have been upto some mischief. Why do you need to be so practical when it comes to matter of the heart, you want to give it a fresh start, but again thinking from the mind not your heart. A sense of emotional loss, feeling low will be there. Look up & see you have a lot to thank for & lot more you can get.
Leo- check your books of accounts, check things at work you will be revealed some news you didn’t know about at work. In relationships, possibility of multiple proposals, ah! Don’t get so happy just yet you have to take decision wisely you never know what you get into. You will enjoy some time with old friends remembering the good old days.
Virgo- being overly cautious today at work, worried someone might steal your ideas, it’s okay to be alert and prepared. A very warm & loving day with family, women in particular would like to start their family and may plan so too. Taking up a new route in life, so keep your eyes and ears open.
Libra- why are you feeling so left out at work? This feeling will persist on if you let it, do some soul searching your knowledge is abundant and can and will help you with work.  A day of excitement, adventure and fun, in love life. Marriage is in the air, also a good day to make deals and contracts.
Scorpio- you will get the job you were waiting for, good day to make new deals. In love, you are again thinking with your mind not your heart. You want to love but you can’t, you want to care but you won’t. Feel low and sad and you are only seeing what you  don’t have, look back and see what you have and what more you can get.
Sagittarius- not a very pleasant day at work, lot of tensions and financial worries, but such a great day in relationships, fulfilling, happy, stable that it will make you look above the worries and find a solution to the problems. Turns out you will have a great day, cheerful and bubbling.
Capricorn- you will start something new, pick up a new career, a new business. Keep in mind that as much of a bright offer you think it may be, you cannot close your eyes and leap into it. Offer is good but be careful. Things don’t look too good in your relationships. Overall a day full of activities keeping you busy and energized especially if you get an opportunity to show off your talents.
Aquarius- working so hard still don’t say your destination. A tough day at work. A message of love, a marriage proposal is on its way. Those in a relationship may plan a day out boating or a vacation on a cruise. Make sure you do not miss out on new offers that may come your way today.
Pisces-you are in the offensive mode today, ready to attack anyone who comes your way. So full of vigor and life and energy in your relationship, you will take the next step in the relation. A day to entertain and love. You may join some charity.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

28th Jan

Aries- new opportunities knocking on your door, finances are good, if you are planning a collaboration good day for that, but make your choice clearly. Energy levels are low even though there’s a lot of excitement in you. You will get a break from all your hard work so cheer up.
Taurus- do not stress your back & neck today. Things at work will require your inner strength to keep everything under control, but financially good day. Profits should pour in. Those dating or looking to get married, you can plan to tie the knot today or find your “the one.”
Gemini-you will get unexpected help financially, but wish carefully what you want. You will have a few career options but take too much time you won’t have any option left if you hurry it may not be the correct choice. Starting to exercise, make sure you do not overexert, that could lead to long term issues. Being clever is good but do not be cunning.
Cancer- take care of the finances, do not loan money to anyone today. At work things will be fine, generally people will be helpful make sure you keep everyone happy. You will not give your brain any rest today, lot of thinking going on. You will be a closed self, keeping things to your heart, there seem to be some conflicts in your day.
Leo- it’s good to hold on to your money but it is just as fine to spend some on yourself, you will still have plenty left. Recognize your hidden talents that’ll be very helpful in your career move. Feel happy, make a new routine for your health and you will see things changing for the better. Over all you will see changes starting today so be prepared.
Virgo- very fruitful day, enjoy the wealth, new ideas and activity happening in your career also. Take doctor’s advice if anything is bothering you. Brainstorming and new possibilities will keep you occupied today.
Libra- some losses, but see this not as an end but as a new beginning,  you can make a fresh start. Don’t feel lonely take this lone time and do some soul searching. Health will be an issue, tensions on yourmind will not let you sleep but you have to keep this point in my mind this is all very temporary and things will change for the better soon.
Scorpio- the payment that was stuck for so long will come through so cheer up. As always you will be sharp adept efficient at work, could be emotionally overwhelming day, but overall a fantastic day for you.
Sagittarius- you will be presented with lots of situations to make money but go by your intuition, hard day at work but the hard work will be noticed and given the due. Enjoy good health, good food and smile. Keep the ideas in mind coming but be careful on what action you take.
Capricorn- finance not at its best today, lot of things requires immediate financial attention. At work, risk of backstabbing and petty thefts is there. Get together with friends and family will keep you healthy and happy. Losses have happened making you feel really heartbroken but this is all getting over now.
Aquarius- all your hard work may not pay you as much as you expected but you are almost at the last step. Work frustrations will be there making you feel stuck, take care of your health today. Socialising will keep you quite busy today.
Pisces- what a happening day, full of energy. You will easily be able to tackle money issues. A great day for artists, get ready for new job offers. You will feel very energized and will be quite on the run too. Can also plan some mountain trips also.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

27th Jan2011

Aries- Obsessing about money, and all materialistic in your thinking today. Health is not bad certainly not as bad as you may think & if you are sick you should see improvements now.  Today is a day to try out something new in your career but make sure everything you do is balanced nothing harsh in career today. Overall a good day, those going for competitions will win today.
Taurus-Ah! The money problems end now, I know I know you will say its been a clinching problem but don’t worry its over now do not get too emotional see the positive in life otherwise it can take a toll on your health. Career  may get you new opportunities or your long due temp job may become permanent, chances of promotion, but still you are worrying too much do no let yourself get into depression, like I said before things are turning for the better now.
Gemini- Like a friend of mine says morning sunshine….this is a beautiful day for you, finances will be stable & growing and there to stay. Keep control of your diet & eat healthy & control the temptations. Before you take any steps take advice  of a professional, pursue a course to enhance your skills for your career . Enjoy the day & shine bright.
Cancer- the long due case, finally gives result. If you feel you may be you need to go to the doctor then you should, all that energy you have been feeling can sometimes drain you, so no harm getting yourself checked. Do not expect colleagues & bosses to be in a helpful mood today, and try not to unnecessarily get into arguments if you can avoid it, complete your projects enjoy peace and spiritual well being.
Leo- tighten your belt and get ready for action, money coming in, running out & coming back in, so not to worry but yes, transactions happening swiftly & quickly. A spa retreat or a day out indulging in the goodness of life is waiting for you so give yourself the best but do share with your loved ones also. Remain sharp & alert & keep any eye out the colleague at work may upto some mischief. Yes, today is also a day where you can relax your body but not your mind.
Virgo- winner winner all through the loss you had the other day, you will cover it up today. A healthy wealthy day. Ladies if you are trying to conceive you may hear good news. Yes, things at work may feel slow but they are walking towards a positive outcome so be patient, subordinates will be very helpful. Go win the match go win the world.
Libra- detail to all money transactions will be required, though tedious but do not miss out on any small details. Feeling excited, energetic is good but make sure you don’t  exhaust yourself. People at work will be friendly enjoy your office party but don’t let that one person bother you much that you change all this good happening to you into your troubles. Beware the stability in your life may be moved a bit, get ready and welcome the changes.
Scorpio- yes, you have been working hard and you still don’t see the money’s worth for effort this can affect your health in the sense that you feel  low tired but nothing serious. People at work maybe too stubborn but that’s the way it has been so don’t let it bother you today. Scorpion women, very ambitious very independent but somewhere deep inside you may get a sense of loneliness, you can manage work & family today so keep at it.
Sagittarius- do not be in a hurry to figure out a way to earn more & more, don’t feel stuck with limited money patience & perseverance you will see it’s not that bad. You may need to get your doctor’s advice so do not ignore your health. Don’t look too far at work for the next achievement it’s not far away now. Whatever you plan/planned to achieve you shall be able to, today.
Capricorn- party time, gains for you today, profitable day so sign the contracts, make the deals. You will healthy and happy inside & out. At work also things will take a turn for the better. Keep an alert mind women don’t feel an emptiness your career is your passion & family is your love you don’t need to choose one take care of both.
Aquarius- not a good morning for you, financial loss today so be careful in money dealings, headache could be an issue, at work also either you have been very cunning or people have really stepped all over you. Remember it’s not the brightest of day but all this is very temporary and if you look carefully you have opportunity to make up for any loss, just may need an extra effort.
Pisces- you sow what you reap so your results will also be accordingly. For those waiting for a good news in the form of a baby, you will hear it soon.  A new job or a new project is waiting for you, you are a natural at it so welcome it with all the enthusiasm. Businessman be careful of pilferages today, at job be careful someone else may take your due.