Wednesday, March 16, 2011

17th March, Thurs.

Pleasant and relaxing day. Lots of love and innocence in the air. If you have kids, make them feel loved and secure. Lucky color for you is Violet.
Remember what you learn from the experienced may not be in the books, so make decisions after consulting elders or superiors. Financially good day. Loyalty will not be an issue at all. Lucky color for you is Rainbow colors.
Do not lose your patience and control today. Things will get out of hand if you lose your command. Think take your time and then take action. Lucky color for you is Green.
Being quite lazy to make the extra effort, do not take hasty decisions. Try to be there when you are needed. Unpredictability always is not good. Lucky color for you is Bright Red.

The day may not go according to your organization. Some days everyone just wants to be out of control and haphazard, it doesn’t mean you need to step down the throne or become unhelpful yourself. Lucky color for you is Purple.
Be intuitive, but do not be a dreamer. You are full of love and care for everyone and the cupid will look at your direction soon. Your mother or elderly woman maybe a great influence in your life today. lucky color for you is White.
The best way to avoid confrontations is to avoid them, but running away doesn’t solve the problems. A clever thinking in business is good but in relationships it becomes cunning and you or someone around you will be doing this today. lucky color for you is Green.
You created illusions and now you believe in them. This way you will trouble yourself and the ones close to you. Ladies do get a well check done. Lucky color for you is Yellow.
Fun and exciting day, promotion opportunities at work open up. Workers and sub ordinates will be very helpful and willing to work under your supervision. Confidence and wit is what is needed today. lucky color for you is Sea Green.
You may want to be left alone, look deeper inside, learn from your experiences. Solitude is needed sometimes but you don’t need to seclude yourself from everyone. Lucky color for you is Red.
So plans are ready more than 50% of the work done, now move ahead, act on it, lead, make your dreams real. Don’t let the enthusiasm cool off. Lucky color for you is Silver.
A very happening day and everything very nicely managed. At work you will see some great performance from your bosses and their experience will help you. Lucky color for you is Blue.

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