Sunday, February 27, 2011

28th feb., Monday

Losses indicated, people may try to steal your glory and acclaim. You wont feel too good today. Remember you don’t have to cry at your losses, think and get back cleverly. Lucky color for you is Dark Yellow.
You will be very aggressive and uncompromising. you need to be more mature and calm and take action after thinking. Lucky color for you is Rust.
You should see some results of the work you have done, and yes money doesn’t come easy you have to do the running for it today. Lucky color for you is Maroon.
You will be feeling frustrated today, seems like you have been putting efforts and still have not been seeing the results as desired. Do not worry you are almost there and positive results will show. Lucky color for you is Green.
Spend the day having some fond memories, catching up with old friends, a special gesture of love will touch your heart. Just feel happy. Lucky color for you is Purple.
Calmness, serenity and control are the key words for the day. You can achieve the desired results with this attitude. Lucky color for you is Mustard.
You will feel safe and protected like a kid feels in his/her home. The love from a mother is the purest love and that’s what you will feel today. Lucky color for you is Black.
You will be busy balancing out your life, financial issues, family, work. Life is not a smooth run , it goes up and down like the waves you will be in that boat today. Lucky color for you is Pastel Green.
Home sweet home. You would just want to cozy up in your home be with the ones you love and whose company you enjoy. You will feel loved. Lucky color for you is Pastel Green.
You will loneliness, a need to be aloof and separated from everyone and just be with yourself. It is a time to rethink to know yourself and what you actually aspire for. Lucky color for you is Orange.
New love is entering your life today. You will be surrounded by people who will be ready to help you, but you have to ask for their help and keep the same attitude for others. Lucky color for you is Yellow.
Keep your emotions under control, you will realize your potential and how much and what you are capable of and do make use of it. The mysteries in your mind shall reveal themselves to you. Lucky color for you is Dull Orange.

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