Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3rd March, Thurs.

You will be busy in celebrations and partying, joining in a new venture in your life, today. Lucky color for you is Mustard.
Do not think it is the conclusion, it is day of changes, and changes for the better. Of course you may feel a bit restless but changes are a part of life. Lucky color for you is Amber.
There has been a lot of struggle for you and there is some more today, but the good news is you will triumph. You will win losing battles. Lucky color for you is Green.
Ups and downs are a part and parcel of life, you need to take care of your health. Do not make any financial deals in haste. Lucky color for you is White.
You will feel rejuvenated like a kid, feeling happy to be in your space in your comfort zone. Lucky color for you is Grey.
You want to just go with the flow, not think, not expect nor care for anything. New beginnings are good but you cannot take crazy chances especially if you have responsibilities behind you. Lucky color for you is lemon Green.
It is time to take actions on your plans. You have a foresight, you can see where you have to go, just have to take the 1st step. Lucky color for you is Black.
Our heart plays games with us and yours taking your through an emotional ride. You feel quite lost tears in eyes. Why cry on what’s gone, see how much you can still recover, just look around. Lucky color for you is Yellow.
If you have the love, show it. You can’t be focusing just on yourself, sometimes you can initiate a step, you have the power to. Lucky color for you is Orange.
You have to show patience, control, self perseverance. Anger and ego are untamed animals who can go wild you have to be a commander of your own self and let this animal not take over. Lucky color for you is Ruby Red.
You will find yourself doing some charity work today, helping people will be helping yourself too. Giving and receiving is all Karma and your karma will soon shine on you. Lucky color for you is Pink.
You will be juggling between things to keep a balance in your life, riding the waves. Take care of yourself, it is nothing that you cannot stabilize. Lucky color for you is Beige.

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