Wednesday, March 16, 2011

16th March, Wed.

Success in every venture you take up. Financially good, appreciation will be given, you will feel brightened. Lucky color for you is Dark Red.
Management will be great, whether at work or at home and there will be excitement and things happening all around you. You can prove to be really good at setting a standard and setting a pace, so use your creativity. Lucky color is Blue.
You won’t be too relaxed at home, things may not be going as per your plan today, not everything  every time you can manage so just try to relax and let it be. Lucky color for you is Gold.
You must be very alert today, stealing, pilferages and losses possible today. Some how you are not playing clean either, there is a feeling you have not been all truthful and you seem  to have snatched, what you felt is yours. Lucky color for you is Silver.
You will be tempted to be romantic to the extent that you become fanciful. Do not be overemotional, but feel the love. Lucky color for you is Black.
What is rightfully yours, you will get it today. You did good, you get good, maybe the decision you have been waiting for may come today and chances are in your favor. Lucky color for you is Amber.
Planning to start new business, pickup a new job, just start on again in life without giving it a tiny bit of thought. Its sometimes fresh to do something at the spur of the moment but it is also advisable to keep an eye out for the warning signs. Lucky color for you is Rose Pink.
If you need to update your skill status, then do not think anymore, you should. There will be an helpful and energetic environment around you, so you should feel quite excited too. Lucky color for you is Baby Pink.
Your concentration will be totally on the materialistic gains today. Do not feel bound or restricted or tired. Your dedication and efforts will get you the desired results and you may see some today, take a break to see that if you want. Lucky color for you is Green.
Be ready for some changes in your life, that way it doesn’t hit you hard. It is not a good day today but have patience and see the brighter side, things will only be improving from here on. Lucky color for you is Cream.
Opportunities, of love, of work, of business will come knocking at your door. You need to be prepared and take quick actions. Lots can happen quickly so buckle up. Lucky color for you is Brown.
Good day especially for artists and those in the creative line, great doors good opportunities will come your way. Your ideas and plans have now taken a form and you should be ready to take the next step. Lucky color for you is  Orange.

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