Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2nd feb.

Aries- just don’t go on the face value of things, you have to look beyond look deeper, check your account books. Do not be distracted by a third person in relationship and don’t chase after a fantasy, you know the reality of your relation so remember that. This month you will be a pleasant month for you, you will be reviving old friendship and relations also.
Taurus- clear all your dues, today. If owe some money to your friends, it is a good day to pay them back and you won’t feel a crux on money.  News or message from the one you love will  make you happy. Those looking to get married can get some marriage proposals today. Over all this month will be quite busy month for you, you will be working very hard, but there won’t be a lack of energy.
Gemini-you may feel you are not getting the financial result you expected for your hard work, but don’t give up. Hard work never goes waste. Oh keep away from any confrontations in your relationship, arguments could lead to clash with your partner. This month, there is an opportunity of love, of starting new relationship, so be more open to propositions.
Cancer- very rewarding, very profitable day, all your resources will help you make money, get security for your future, keep a warm and welcoming attitude. your partner will give what you gave them in the relation, if you gave love you will get love, if you gave pain, that’s what you should expect today. This is a month of celebrations, so surely there will be marriage in the family and festivity around you.
Leo- you may be need to plan a trip for work today. More business prospects should be available to you and money is coming your way today. Very caring atmosphere in relationship, reminisce of old times, sharing love with each other today. This month will be good for you, you will stand out and be known and appreciated for your work. You could plan a trip also somewhere this month.
Virgo- you may get ideas from someone for investments, you will be looking it out for ways to increase your income source. You seem to be waiting today for payments. Your partner seems to be  in a loving mood today, you should also be taking quick actions to reciprocate. Quite an exhilarating month for you, a lot of things happening and movements quickly. You could be going for a holiday or a small break to mountains.
Libra- there could be delays in payments, though not a loss. There are some secrets in your relationship, and there will be revelations today. Romantic relation will have a mystery about it. This month you may be travelling to places near water.
Scorpio- not a good day financially, there could be losses although not so much that you feel totally heartbroken and you should try to forget it and move on.  Please take care of your love relationship, seems like there is separation and hurt today. Maybe one of you is running away from responsibility. Try to maintain harmony. Do not cheat the other. This month will turn out to be better than how it is beginning, so much so that you would like to flaunt your partner, your home, your life. Somehow, there maybe more showoff, especially at the cost of someone else.
Sagittarius- of course there are a hundred things you like and you want to buy but try to maintain control, you must manage the money well today. There is no win/loss in relationship, maybe you feel that they hurt you so you are justified to do this, but this way the relationship only gets bad. This month will be very good for you, you will ripe the fruits of your hard work and enjoy it too, the luxuries of life. Make sure you share it with others.
Capricorn- enjoy a profitable day, extravagance today. You are working on your relations but are not getting anywhere, more work is needed. This month will be great for you, all the hard work will pay off, you shall enjoy the luxuries and comforts of life.  Enjoy your abundance with your family and loved ones.
Aquarius- work by your intuition today. There may be new opportunities at work or business, go by what your heart says. Your talent could win you money today. Quite an energetic day in your love life, lot of fiery energy. you may decide to move a step further in your relationship. This month doesn’t seem to be very positive otherwise for you. You will feel quite frustrated and stuck in life. Try to open your eyes and make an effort, things will be better what they seem to you.
Pisces- financially an okay day, it seems power at this point is more important to you than the money. A beginning of a love relation in your life, things would be moving towards an expansion in the family. This month you may get to meet your old friends, remember some fond memories and overall a very family oriented month.

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