Tuesday, February 22, 2011

23rd Feb., Wed.

People may try stealing from you, may not be literal and may not be money, but deceiving or doing things behind your back. Cheers to healthy life. Lucky color for you is Lavender.
You will be signing contracts, joining new business, marriage or just a new group. If you need to get some checkups done, get it over with and follow a healthy schedule. Lucky color for you is Yellow.
It’s a great day, whatever you start or do will get you great results, it will be a feather in your crown. Health may not be the brightest, you will be feeling up and down. Lucky color for you is Rust.
You will be feeling strong, good about yourself caring, loving. You may get help from some elderly person. Health may not be at its best, especially emotionally. Lucky color for you is Pink.
You feel stuck and frustrated, in your job or home. There is more you want to do but cannot figure out a way on how to go about it. You will be feeling low and feel like being alone. Lucky color for you is Light Green.
A very good day, at work you will be looked upon, business  profitable, home you will rule and love. Take care you may get a headache or migrane, though. Lucky color for you is Orange.
If you have a court case going on, the result is not going to be favorable or there maybe some major issues. Not the very best day health wise either. Lucky color for you is Blue.
You may be living in a dream land, and not seeing the reality of the situation. Open your eyes , note the signs of warnings. You could get hurt physically so be careful. Lucky color for you is Lavender.
You will be very stubborn today and this will be a disadvantage to you. Your authority will be undermined and there may not be as much control or discipline as you would like. Take care of your health, do not go by anyone’s advice on health, must take a 2nd opinion. Lucky color for you is Orange.
Promotions at work, and recognition and awards for your hard work. Enjoy a healthy day, indulge in some luxuries of life. Lucky color for you is Orange.
A day to be very practical and exercise authority with precision. An elderly person or a person of authority will be taking decisions in your life today. You will feel fine health wise, but there may be something bothering you at the back of your mind. Lucky color for you is Purple.
You will see improvements happening in your life. Good day profitable day. very emotional day but happy and healthy. Lucky color for you is Bright Blue.
Happy Birthday!!!!

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