Monday, February 21, 2011

22nd Feb., Tue.

You could feel a little snobbish, may want to showoff today and why not if you have it you want flaunt it. If you share with others, remember it doubles up for you. Lucky color for you is Brown.
Cupid bringing in love in your life. Be understanding, listen to your heart. Good day to mend broken relationships. You could feel a little exhausted today, but nothing to worry about. Lucky color for you is Orange.
It is your day to lead others, move towards your plans, think clear, be confident and get ready to work your plans. Enjoy a day feeling happy and healthy. Lucky color for you is Light Brown.
A brilliant day to start fresh, make new beginnings in love, at work, in any aspect of your life. You will receive in abundance. You will feel like some one has put in new life in you, like the energy of a child. Lucky color for you is Golden.
You would want to move on to some more stability in your life, not abandoning all you had, but moving away from them, if not literally then mentally at least.  Could have health issues, back pain or neck. Lucky color for you is Purple.
You will be starting on a new journey, begin things again in a new way, just don’t go on blindly. You will feel quite cheerful. Good news on its way ladies. Lucky color for you is Light Orange.
If you have been thinking of starting on a new project, I think you will be ready today, ready to lead, ready to show the way. Take care of your health today. Lucky color for you is  Green.
It’s the day to get your dues from God, all the good you have done should pay off, but you have not done as much don’t expect the results to be that good then. If you feel you are feeling sick you will make yourself sick, so feel  healthy and great and you shall be. Lucky color for you is Sky Blue.
A great day with the family, kids, at home, they will your priority and  you would want to spend the day with them. Health will get better, so all the pains and colds, will start to improve. Lucky color for you is Grey.
It is the day to work on you the plans. You know all the you have achieved is safe and now you are ready to achieve more. Go ahead take the lead, make your way. Health will show slow but steady improvement. Lucky color for you is Yellow.
New love coming in your life. Be open, be gentle. Good day to patch up relations also. Health will be great, feeling fit and fine and spending time on your health, exercising or maybe even a treat to yourself like a spa. Lucky color for you is Pink.

Great day in whatever you do, profitable and advantageous. Very lucky day. health will be fine, you may just feel a little dull. Lucky color for you is Green.

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