Friday, February 11, 2011

12th feb.

You will be over indulging with money issues, obsessing also. You will remain quite & aloof from your relations, feel like time to get in touch with yourself. Lucky color is Mustard.

Oh a perfect day to wish for whatever you want. A great day financially. The more you share the more you’ll get. Go to the court, sign the papers and get married, congratulations. Already married, may need counseling. Lucky color is Green.

Keep your control of accounts and keep things in check. Don’t trust anyone to help you today, friends may turn out to be foe. Lucky color is Dull Pink.
You may feel the need to move on in your business or work, after seeming to achieve stability, try to keep it under control. Fights arguments, worse day in a relationship, don’t take any harsh decisions. Luck color is Yellow.
Your charm and skills can get you profits today, so be creative. There is caring and love but maybe you are just not showing it. There is no reason why you shouldn’t feel loved. Lucky color is Cream.
If you had any blocked payments, they will come through, sudden improvements in business also. If you work hard enough on your relation, you will see the results and that’s what you will be doing. Lucky color is Green.
Finances will be great today. Commendation is expected. Lot of dash in your love life. You could also plan a trip to the mountains with family. Lucky color is Sky Blue.

Legal ups and downs possible. Your, spending and earning would need t be accounted for. Work to make a better relation and you will see things moving in your favor. Lucky color is Greenish Yellow.
Your decision, financially, is the right one, so stand by it. There may not be too many gains but you will be able t cut down on losses. Blocking all your emotions, trying to control any feelings you get. Don’t be so closed up. Lucky color is Chocolate brown.
Not happy with your finances today. You need to protect your money from a lot of predators. In love, a day to share fond memories, meet old friends, rebuild your relationship again. Lucky color is Red.

You will enjoy just to hold your crown, your priced possessions.  Starting a new journey to the unknown in love. Go ahead take your chances but keep your eyes open. Lucky color is Light Yellow.
Be very careful with your money. Pick pocketing or shoplifting is possible. You will enjoy lot of love and attention from people, could start a new love affair also. Lucky color is Yellow.

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