Sunday, January 30, 2011

30th Jan

Aries- very profitable day, if you are starting new business or job make sure you take care of it like a baby and the results will be amazing. In the matter  of heart, the heart seems to have taken a backseat and the mind has taken over. You will provide for but not show as much care or love as required. Remember whatever is happening is your own doing, so try to do goo always.
Taurus- an okay day for finances, no big gain but you can work on ideas on how to get those big gains. In love relationship there seems to be slow but steady improvement, if you are getting a proposal today, then be sure this is it. Work on how you can improve things in general, research  on all your options, think big.
Gemini- great business or job offer coming, so financial improvement is on its way. You will feel loved and cozy and comfortable in your relationship, make sure you also pamper you partner the same way. Enjoy your day, enjoy all the goodies of life.
Cancer- you will be happy and maybe showy to about  your profits today, may feel  like you showing off the money power, not in a bad sense though. In  love, a day filled with a lot of excitement and fun but somehow make sure you are not in deception maybe it be work or love life or finances, never lose the sight of what actually is.
Leo- some bills you need to clear, seems like work needs attention which of course you can do without much hassle. In love relationship, leave everything to God, whatever he will do, will be fine. Maybe that’s how things were meant to be. Taking undue tensions and this will give you sleepless nights. Take care of yourself and your health, the frustrations are getting the best of you.
Virgo- if some money has been stuck, the payment will start coming now. Slow the start maybe but atleast its not a writeoff. Relations will be great, marriage, children love, and feeling so great. Everything seems fine but you still should be a little careful today.
Libra- thinking of moving to some place or starting a new business. You will try to checkout your options and find positive putcome. Financially no problems today. Relationships seem to be improving too, but a sense of loneliness will still persist.
Scorpio- juggling between bills, expenses. How to manage the home and do the grocery and the shopping and then save some. In relationship you also you will need to balance out. Seems like you have closed your heart totally, so you don’t get hurt, that’s why neither will you go close to anyone nor will let anyone come close to you. The day will be quite hectic.
Sagittarius- finance management problems today. You could have arguments with your business partner or colleague. Frustration in relationship also causing  you pain & feeling so lost but be rest assured this is very temporary and soon things will be fine. You need to be ready to just work hard today and not give up.
Capricorn- not too much money coming in today, but you will be thinking a lot on how to get it coming. In love today you will be just trying to get things to a smooth balance. Work, home, friends, family everything needs its fair share of attention. Otherwise a good day and you will be make some important decision today, making an important choice.
Aquarius- enjoy the fruit of your hardwork, the luxuries of life. In love you will keep a very controlled and balanced atmosphere, which may be good for showing your maturity in the relationship. Somethings are bothering you and they will trouble you quite a lot today.
Pisces- somethings have suddenly come up and putting you off your budget, and you be juggling your finances today. Emotionally strong day in love, but you may not be able to show how much you care & love your partner, which you should try and do. Offers to start some business may come up.

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