Monday, February 14, 2011

14th Feb, Monday

Awww! Not a day to sneak out, feel you don’t need anybody. You will want to run away from your love today but if you try to appreciate deeper meaning of life, of love and listen to your heart you can make it a day filled with love. Lucky color for you is Light Blue.
What a special day to celebrate special feelings, you will enjoy every bit of the day with your family. It is a day to begin cute puppy love. Be trusting, do small but special things and you can make it even better. Lucky color for you is Dark Yellow.
Hmmm! You seem to be juggling between your heart and mind. You will spend too much time thinking how to make the best of the day & yet keep your partner happy, instead why don’t you just close your eyes and wish for one thing you really want. Have hope, faith and just spread the love you have. Lucky color for you is Light Green.
What?? Fighting today? No way, you probably really need to go to a counselor or get some help make an effort to make your relationship better. Honor a ritual, marriage ceremony, devote yourself to your faith, try to make this day as good as possible. Lucky color for you is Red.
You will have a good day, party with friends, loved ones. You would like to share your day with people you like and care for. For making everything perfect, just remember to listen to your mind too. Lucky color for you is Dark Pink.
You will maintain a balance in your life, be in control of your feelings. Keep a calm and peaceful mind and body. Look at the bigger picture, open your eyes and know this that if you want you can do it. Lucky color for you is Light Blue.
Being very forthright today, will be difficult to fool you, but its valentine’s day stop thinking you are the one who is suffered and no one can take advantage of you now. For once just forget everything and live and love. Your lucky color is Black.
Yes, you will celebrate V-day just as it should be. Enjoy with your loved ones, party, share shopping and Champaign today. You can make the day more exciting, be charismatic. Lucky color for you is Dull Pink.
You will keep a distance from your partner, trying to keep your cool, making sure no one hurts you. Heart just sealed in. If you show some patience, control, handle situation with care, you can make it a better day. Lucky color for you is Sky Blue.
You will want to just sneak out from the ones close to you, avoid any resistance from anyone. If you make a slight effort you should be able to make the relationship better. Lucky color for you is Maroon.
It is valentine’s day not a Fight day, you will be directing your energy in the wrong direction. You need to remember that you may be presented with a million choices but not everything glitters is gold. Be satisfied with what you have, don’t waste time on wishful thinking. Lucky color for you is Light Blue.
A day filled with love all through and good day to propose to your one. You keep the reigns in your hand be bold, then see how this will be a wonderful day for you. Lucky color for you is Dark Yellow.

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