Friday, February 18, 2011

19th Feb., Saturday

It is a good day for you, things will start looking up and improving. Your efforts will show results. You will enjoy some delicious food and good health. Lucky color for you is White.
You will feel quite low, may spend more time in self pity than actually doing something about it. Know one thing things will only start to get better from here. Otherwise you will be quite active. Lucky color for you is Black.
You may get the required help from your boss or a person in charge or holding power. You will feel active and ready to take charge. Lucky color for you is Turquoise Blue.
Marriage proposals, new love coming in your life. You will be surrounded with love around you. You will see your health improve also. Lucky color for you is Mauve.

You will be surrounded with people with lot of energy. You will be lead by them and be mesmerized by their charm. You will love yourself and enjoy good health. Lucky color for  you is Bright Red.
Be careful people will be avoiding confrontations with you, someone may be stealing also so keep a check.  You will be alert and active and full of energy. Lucky color for you is Purple.
You wouldn’t be patient about anything, you want the results and you want them now.  There is not much you want to see, learn or wait for, it will be a one track mind. You will feel strong and bold. Lucky color for you is Orange.
You will get important news or letter today. Keep your eyes and ears open. May not feel too bright today. Some botherations at the back of your mind. Lucky color for you is Olive Green.
A very bright and beautiful day. Whatever you do today will show you great results later also. Strong foundations make beautiful buildings. May hear good news regarding baby. A drink or two will be good for you. You will feel proud of yourself. Lucky color for you is Light Purple.
Something worrying you, no patience or tolerance today. You will see things through only one point of view. Health wise take care. Lucky color is Maroon.
Not a great day for you, you may feel stuck and frustrated and feel everything is going wrong for you, know that this is all not as bad as you think it is. You will eat healthy and feel healthy and enjoy. Lucky color for you is Yellow.
You will be busy with work, looking at every small detail making sure everything is perfect. You will feel quite low and depressed, painful and hurt. Please get yourself out of this feeling, from now on you will see only improvements. Lucky color for you is Red.

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