Wednesday, February 16, 2011

17th Feb., Thurs.

Tighten your belt and get set to work really hard today. You may feel  that you cant still see the results. Emotionally you will need to be strong and you will be, don’t get unnecessarily sentimental. Lucky color for you is Sky Blue.
You will remain quite closed up to everyone close to you. You will be ready to fight anyone without even seeing who is in front of you. You will keep an active routine and feel high energy. Lucky color for you is Red.
You may have a lot of running around to do, you will be ready to take risks and get what you want. Listen to advice of elders, they will help. Take care of your health. Lucky color is Purple.
You will get some good news with money. A promotion is on its way. You may have a stiff back so take care and don’t run your brains all the time, give it some rest too. Lucky color for you is Golden.
You may get to meet some old friends and relatives. A very pleasant day. you won’t be feeling too bright today, may feel exhausted. Lucky color for you is maroon.
Great news financially. You may be get a property today. Quite a lively day, you feel confident and high spirited. Lucky color for you is Green.
There is a big change coming today and hopefully for the better. You are ready for it. You will enjoy exercising and keeping yourself fit and active. Lucky color for you is Orange.
Face your day with honesty and courage. Do what is right and things will start fresh for you. You will enjoy a healthy day, good food, good luxuries. Lucky color for you is Bright Red.
Your self confidence and originality will help you tackle any challenges. Mentally you will be quite energized. Lucky color for you is Orange.
Enjoy a good day with family, free mind and relaxing day. There may be marriages that you may be attending. A fine day health wise don’t forget to take your medicines on time though. Lucky color for you is Pale Green.
Get all your paper work in order today. You will be signing some contracts today. Take care of your health specially back. Lucky color for you is  Maroon.
A very lucky day for you. Angels will be watching you, so think positive and do good today. You may feel a bit tired. Lucky color for you is Orange.

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