Thursday, February 10, 2011

11th Feb.

Things will be happening at a lightning pace where money is concerned, it will go out also as fast as it will come in. Lot of arguments with your loved ones and fighting, so avoid confrontations. Lucky color for you is Green.
There could be pilferage or thefts, so be very careful. An exciting day with family and friends, you’ll feel quite energetic. Lucky color is Reddish Orange.
Make sure no one can take what is yours, no matter how much they try. In love the day would seem to be like a struggle, but you be confident you can get through. Lucky color is Reddish Orange.
There will be losses today, at work or business. In love you’ll feel lonely and sad but this will be your time for solitude and to gain prospectus. Lucky color is Purple.

You would like to take time to look back at all you have and the more you are going to add, financially. Enjoy the wealth. In relationship today, more materialistic and acquisitive things will be on mind rather than actual love. Lucky color is Bright Green.
There may not be a loss as big as you think, financially you will also feel stuck and frustrated, although if you just see properly it may not be that bad. You will close yourself to everyone, so no one can hurt you nor do  you have to share anything with anyone. Luck color is Dull Pink.
If something is yours, you’ll get it, but to pocket it forcefully may not be a good idea. Keep your money safe in the 1st place. In relationships there is no reason why you can’t handle the vibrant energy around you. Lucky color is Sky Blue.
Could be a stressful day financially, no particular gains or losses though. You seem to be on your guard today where relations are concerned. Lucky color is Fawn.
There may be more expenses today than you thought of or some coming soon. You will be quite cautious in your relationships, watching every step of the way. Lucky color is Bright Yellow.
You will need to keep your finances under control. A slight ignorance can upset the balance sheet. You will keep a very stern attitude where family is concerned, showing no love just stubbornness and strictness. Luck color is Dark Brown.

Great profits, over and above your expectations today. Promotion chances also. In love also a great day, you will feel whole, a great family, good job and abundance to enjoy and share. Lucky color is Light Blue.
Keep your finances under check. Handle your money carefully today. In love, you have a lot of love to share with in you, but won’t be able to show as much, keeping your head high and just expecting others would know you care. Luck color is Pale Green.

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