Monday, February 14, 2011

15th Feb., Tue.

Things don’t seem too good with finances today. Change of job is also possible, but remember in due course of time these changes will come in your favor. Loss in love, feeling distant from your family. The perfect family picture is not so perfect today. Make sure there is no one who is actually messing things for you. Lucky color for you is Light Yellow.
Be forthright and be just in your dealings today. No, one can trick you with money. Be wise and caring with relationships. You have the love but may have difficulty showing it. Lucky color for you is White.
If your partner is keeping any secrets from you in the business, today you will know. You have the potential to earn your money so use it, listen to your intuition. In love, be in charge, be in control, you will have the choice where you want your relationship to head. Lucky color for you is Light Brown.
Good news for business or promotion coming your way. You will get a lot of chances to earn money/profits today. You will enjoy a healthy and great relationship with your partner today. Couples wanting  a baby, chances are you’ll hear good news soon. Lucky color for you is Sky Blue.
No particular gains, but you will feel quite rich and wealthy. You will have the authority to give or share your wealth, though you may choose not to. In love, use your talent your charisma, your vigor, you can have a very exciting day. Lucky color for you is Green.
Your focus will be on your money and money only. You will see there is only one way of earning it and you will not try to see any more options also. You will be trying to get a stability in your relationship. You will be busy balancing out time for family for work, home and career. Lucky color for you is Dark Yellow.
Your finances will be fine, you will feel quite satisfied with what you have, position at work will also be satisfying. A blessed day in love, enjoying with family, recollecting some fond memories, meeting old friends. Lucky color for you is Red.
You will be feeling sort of low, and attending to some losses, instead see what you have and how you can recover those losses. The path is right in front of you. Getting ready to go on an adventure. Exciting day in love, though you may become quite restless. Lucky color for you is Light Yellow.
Busy day at work, arguments regarding money with partners. Financially be careful. You will seem quite stubborn in love, think your point of view with things is the only view and that, that’s the only way. Lucky color for you is Mustard.
You will do fine financially today and may feel that this will be the only way to make money. You won’t be ready to surrender to any further options and may still be taking the old route only. Good day in love. You will feel proud of your family, your partner and would be happy to them off. Lucky color for you is White.

You will have enough money to do what you please to get what you want. Enjoy the money, the power it gives you. Lot of arguments with your partner, with friends. Not a good day in love. Lucky color for you is Yellow.
An alright day financially. Not much of a profit per say, but you may have help form people or your own feeling to know how to recover losses. today has a lot of excitement in store for you with family and friends. Your talent and creativity will make you happy. Lucky color for you is Black.

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