Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10th feb

Great money returns today and also great spending on luxuries. You will be surrounded with family and friends yet your behavior will be very practical and with your mind not your heart. Your lucky color is Orange.
Your creativity and charisma can make you good money today. Seems like you will be having a fun day, celebrations with your loved ones, your partner or partners shall I say. The lucky color for you is light Mauve.
Make sure you have all the paper work in order where it is related to money. You could have legal issues. In love a day of slogging, you will feel you are getting no where. Lucky color for you today is Black.
If you need to consult a professional with financial matters, please do so. Struggle in love life, though situation under control. Your lucky color is Mustard.
Money will flow in fast, hope you can handle the pace. In love, you will feel tired, feel like giving up, but that’s exactly what you should not do. Lucky color is Maroon.
Not a good day financially. Your charm can really create a positive energy in your relationship. Lucky color for you is White.
Financially great day, very profitable. You will close your heart to your partner today, a fear of getting hurt, a hitch to open up, you will be closed in the matters of heart. Lucky color for you is Brown.
Financially you will feel close to achieving results. Not a bad day money wise. A great day to spend time with your partner, your family, a thoroughly love filled day. lucky color is Magenta.
Good day for you financially. Hope to make some profits. Control issues in love matters. Do not wander about. Lucky color is Red.
Need to work hard to get your money, although you shall be able to do so, but there is energy required. Enjoy a great day with your partner, party with family and friends. Lucky color is Pista(chio) Green.
There are chances you miss out on some good financial opportunity today, so pay attention. Do not ponder upon what is or what could be. Lucky color is Black.
Do check your accounts and count your money today, your intuition can get your profits. An excitement in love life is starting. Your lucky color is Yellowish Orange.

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