Sunday, February 20, 2011

21st Feb., Monday

Influence of a powerful lady will be strong, someone who is independent who likes to make her own decisions in life, a strong, determined person. You may not feel too good today, take care of your health. Lucky color is Mauve.
Help will come your way without your asking, from someone you may not be expecting it from too. Money improvements, you may get promotion also. Health checkup will be absolutely fine. Lucky color for you is Maroon.
Be determined and strong use your authority. Make unbiased decisions. Listen to your elders. You may feel tired and worked up. Lucky color for you is Golden.
Be very cautious today, chances of back stabbing and thefts. Health is fine but you have something bothering you, no harm in getting it checked. Lucky color for you is Blue.
Calmness and solitude is maybe what you need, take this time to rethink things over. You could have some health issues, so take care. Luck color for you is Light Yellow.
There is something in your mind which will keep you occupied, its time to take some decisions, it is time to make a choice. It is a great day, for marriages or forming new relationships. You may want to take a break and give yourself some fresh air. Luck color for you is Olive Green.
There will be lot of arguments and fights at work, this will occupy your attention for the day. must be very careful with your health. Lucky color for you is Grey.
You will get immense love from your mother and elders. A day to feel loved and give love, respect  and care. Be calm, sensible and listen to your heart today. If you are on any medicine, complete your course. Luck color for you is Red.
You can tame a tiger with your patience and calm control and that’s what you will need to do today. Health will be fine, though you may feel like taking a break and relaxing. Lucky color for you is Golden.
You may meet some old friends or have a family get together. Very light and happy day. if you had health issues you will start seeing improvement in your health. Emotions will run your day today. Lucky color for you is Black.
Some things which have kept you wondering for a longtime will  be revealed to you. There maybe secrets kept from you at work, but you will know them so keep control on your emotions. A new energy is building in you so you will feel quite active. Lucky color for you is Red.
Everybody seems to be at war today, bickering and arguments will happen today. You will feel quite fresh health wise, but that doesn’t mean you can over exert yourself. Lucky color for you is Yellow.

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