Tuesday, February 15, 2011

16th Feb., Wed.

You will be able to recover any money that was blocked or written off. In love, you need to get order. You will be in an attack mode today. Lucky color for you is Pastel Green.
You will be quite reserved in financial dealings. You may remain quite uneasy with money issues. In love, you would want to be in a dream world, creating illusions. If you embrace reality you can be showered with love. Lucky color for you is Mauve.
A roller coaster ride with money. You will be busy juggling your way out of money problems. Frustrating day in love. You will feel tied down. Lucky color for you is Pale Green.
You will be all set to work on new ideas in business. Be alert and cautious with money. Don’t be caught up in illusions when it comes to love. There may be limitless options, but choose wisely if you have to. Lucky color for you is Dark Yellow.
You may start a new venture. Profitable day but make sure you heed to the warnings. In love, you seem to be ready to fight back, to go on a war if someone tries to hurt you. Lucky color for you is Dull blue.
Someone can cheat you in money today, so be careful where money is concerned. Lot of energy and passion in love relationship. Could plan a honeymoon trip also. Lucky color for you is Dark Red.
You will sign deals, make profits, but you have  to make a choice, an important decision. You will provide excitement and support to your partner in their creativity and ventures. Lucky color for you is Sky Blue.
Be patient with money issues, keep a check on you expenses, gains will be there. You will be protective towards your partner maybe even possessive, but the matters of the heart will be decided by the mind. Lucky color for you is Orange.
A day of hard work, you know you are close to getting your dues but there is still more work before you get it. Good day in love. You will enjoy good memories, cute love relationship. Lucky color for you is Pink.
Financially good day. People will be helpful, bank loans can be sanctioned. A very regular boring day in love. You know you have it all and may not see there is more being offered to you. Lucky color for you is Olive Green.
Your hard work will pay off, although you may not it in hand just now but you know its coming. So sound day financially. Expect marriage proposal, a like turning into love. New love relationship beginning today. Lucky color for you is Maroon.
Great day for using your imagination, creativity, energy in your work, profitable day. In love, you will enjoy a happy day with old friends and affection with family. Lucky color for you is Green.

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