Tuesday, February 8, 2011

9th Feb.

A lot of ideas and ways on how to make some money, but choose wisely because all that glitters is not gold. You will be avoiding confrontations today. A healthy and happy relationship with your partner today.
Keep your finances in your control and it will be a great day financially. Your lack to show your emotions, can be problematic  in your love life. You are in an attack mode today, ready to go at war with anyone who raise their head.
Financially some good news maybe on its way, your talent can earn you some money today. You will feel lonely and secluded in love. Take this time, do some soul searching. A day of hard work and struggle within.
You may not actually endure a loss but you will certainly feel so. In love life enjoy all the pleasures of a happy, secured fulfilling relation. There will be arguments with colleagues or co-workers, a lot of disagreements.
Not a great day with your finances, there could be losses but hopefully last of it. A very practical love day, you will listen to no emotional feelings today.  You shall be able to keep things in your control deal calmly with situations.
Financially, it is party time, you may indulge in some extravagant spending also, but that’s what all that money is for. Love messenger on his way, so you should see improvement in your relationship, although you will not let your heart make any decisions nor would you listen to it.
New beginnings and new ideas for making money, today. Practicality will pay. All the work you have put in your relationship will show you result today so don’t slow down now. A happy family and abundance of joys in love life, but you won’t be too happy with certain things & may feel cheated or just snatching what you think is yours and going away.
You seem to not notice the opportunities knocking at your door. Too busy sitting and analyzing what you have. In love life wondering what could have been. There could be some power issues between you and your partner also. Overall opportunities will come by so keep your eyes open.
Not as much return as you expect at work today. More work’s required. No emotional feelings in your love life, thinking more on the more material things. Over all not a bad day with people sending you love all the way.
Use your intuitions where money is concerned. Make sure you there are no hidden details before you make any deals.  Quite an exciting day in your relationship today. Be warned you may not be able to handle so much energy. Stability and progress, although slow but you will see.
Good day financially, your skills and knack can bring in good results. Exciting day in love. Your work will be recognized and there could be promotion also.
You shall be able to achieve good results financially, although you may not be too happy with it. Improvements in love life. Be practical and use your brains before you make any decisions.

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