Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 for Virgo

Jan-Mar-Winner is what you should be calling yourself at the beginning of the year. Feeling proud glorious, in control, you have the reigns of your life in your hands. Shifting to a new house, buying new vehicle also indicated. Feb. is the month of love and lots of love and happiness is in-stored for you. New relationships or improvement in existing relationships and a new start. You will go with the flow of things, which is good that, innocence and fresh mind gives better ideas, but you should always head to even smallest warning signs.
Apr-June-If you are not careful, there could be cheating, losses, financially and in relationships also. This will make you feel lonely and a need to be left alone, in solitude and feel the burden of old baggage. By June this will take a toll on you, although the strong hard-worker you are, you will be able to overcome all hardships.
July-Aug- Fortitude and patience, being in control of yourself, strong and determined, will push you to a new start and Aug. is a good time for starting new ventures.
Sep-Dec-Be warned not to get too desperate or infatuated with any issue. You would be tempted with temptations or shall we say the forbidden apple. The control and patience you learned should help you. Oct. seems to be a time for celebrations with family and friends, so take the time off and party. Nov. is a great month for new projects, investments, buying property or business. The end of the year, though could bring drastic changes, there could be sudden downfall, and losses. Be extra careful.

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