Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 for Cancerians

Jan.-This is a good month, whatever plans you have made, you now know you can make them real. Good time for expansion, trust & have faith in yourself.
Feb-June-these are the months where you may face some difficulty, things may not work as planned, could be that you took your dream world for reality and things aren’t the same, but you will soon pick up the practical approach, be more vigilant, things will also get more clear & emotionally also you will become stronger, learn certain facts which may have been kept from you or which you did not know about. You will start seeing things with a new approach from a third party view point this will help you in coming months.
July-Aug-great months, in love and at work those looking to find love in life will find so & relations will improve, good positive energy.
Although Sep. month could again bring some heart ache, some losses...but Oct should bring in more balance in your life. Nov. is an excellent month again for starting new ventures, in creative line especially.Year end brings in authority, discipline and more organisation in your life.

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