Wednesday, January 18, 2012


  • Mirror in the bedroom is not a no-no. Yes, it is good to avoid it, if you can otherwise it is important that your body is not reflected in it while lying on your bed. The same goes for the TV or any other reflective item.
  • To keep the romance in your marriage alive, keep your picture of some wonderful time together, family pictures should be out of your bedroom.

2012 for Aquarians
Agreed the beginning may not be all bright and beautiful but why the self pity. You could feel frustrated, tied down, not able to see where to go, but no time remains the same .
Mar-May-Time turns around and you will see this now. A good time for new ventures, for a new beginning, to join a new course, to acquire special skills, this is a very creative time. You need to show patience and valor and embrace whatever you get with understanding.
June-Sep-You could feel slightly low again, but you will not lose your will power. Beware though reality is not the same as hopes and wishes. Choose friends wisely, new business opportunities may not be as good as they may seem from far. The good thing is you will be able to manage all these ups and downs quite effortlessly. Keep your hope alive even if you do not see new options, know that they are there and will present themselves when the time is right.
Oct-Dec-Great time to spend with family, those planning to start a family will get good news, do not doubt your efforts, the results are there and quite a lot has been accomplished. By the end of the year a new spark will come back in your life, trust yourself, your intuition…be more open to feelings of the heart.

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