Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 for Sagittarius

Jan-Mar-Starting this year it is time to focus on your inner strength, to restrain, to hold in the urge to act on impulse, this is the time for endurance and building self-confidence. You will enjoy a great time with family, enjoy a position or power at the same time now you have learnt to use it at the right time. It is a good time for those planning to start a family. As spring approaches you will also calm down, instead of putting on a show of power you would enjoy the authority and use it productively. Should expect promotions.
April-May-You cannot seem to sustain the perseverance for too long, can you? You would set in a mood to break all rules follow your own mind, not working in a social circle. Remember we live in a society, we live surrounded by family and friends, you need to consider other’s feelings also if not 50-50 then at least try 40-50 ratio. By may you would recoup all your energy and put it to constructive work. New projects or business opportunities will come.
June-July-Beautiful time for you. Best months for this year. Start any work, it will be profitable, invest anywhere you will make money. Expect good news in the family. Good time for marriage and starting family. You may be travelling around this time. You will put a foundation for a promising future at this time.
Aug-Dec-Probably all the excitement of the previous months has tired you and you may feel weary and worn-out but remember this is the last step, do not stop now otherwise all your efforts will go in vain. You need to be very careful around September, this is a time for some changes in your life and the more you try to control it the more difficult it will be. It is a tough time but know that when 1 door closes many other open, so do not worry on a job loss or obstructions in your path. Patience is a virtue. It is time to test the waters, know what you are capable of, and know your strengths and weaknesses. Try meditation and keep yourself relaxed. You will feel low and close yourself to the outer world, keep your feelings bottled up but this will only create a distance between you and others, those you love and care for. Try not to bottle up and turn a deaf ear to others. By end of the year, you will be looking out for better options all the plans you may have put in previous projects, now you will gear up and start putting planning into action.

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