Monday, January 2, 2012

A Very Happy New Year!!!

Welcome 2012!
Hope everyone had a wonderful time, as we bid good bye to 2011 and welcomed 2012. Hope this year brings happiness and peace for everyone. After the parties and a day of rest, lets gear up for this year, I would like to wish you all luck and happiness before I start with my ‘Zodiac this year’. During the coming few days I will be telling you about good months for you this year, weekly readings, giving you tips on improving your life, lucky colors, sure short way to success, job interviews tips, attract better career opportunities and a lot more. At the end of the month I will also do one free private reading for any one of my followers and also tell them their lucky stone. So keep tuned in,...tweet, facebook and keep on emailing!!!
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Personally it is a good year for you. You will gain confidence in your own self, learn to be more independent, challenges will interest you.  Business expansion, promotion in job, financially great year. Keep your routine basic, eat healthy, walks and exercise is always good, but if you are just starting, take it slow. Heart breaks are foreseeable. Be careful in your relations, maintain cordial relationships.
Word of advice- Respecting elders and taking their blessings for important decisions is your success Mantra for the Year.
Personally this year, you will allow your mind to rule your heart. Being honest to yourself would be your utmost priority. Achievements and recognitions will finally come through, although may not be exactly as the way you had planned. Do not take your health issues lightly even though it may be cmore emotional than physical. Any carelessness could be problematic. You will always be surrounded with family and friends, alas you shall still find yourself sitting alone.
Word of advice-. Although you will be stormed with new ideas but you will be quite wary of them. Do not close yourself emotionally.
You will be quite pleased with yourself this year, you will pay special attention on your appearance, your achievements both internally & externally. Not so bad year financially, foundations have been laid and results will come too, good year for expansion and new ventures. No major health issues, just trust your doctor or health advisors. Need to work on your relationships, you may find a distance between you and people and may find it difficult to cross it, nevertheless you can see them so you can reach out to them too.
Word of advice- Keep your finances in your control and never lose hope.

If you think things will come easy, then that’s not happening soon. You will face struggle and you will fight it out. Must be careful with finances do not make risky investments, do not trust people blindly when it comes to money. You will be so full of energy, would tend to become impatient this could affect your health, nothing serious but do not tier yourself unnecessarily. If you are looking for love in your life, it’s a good time to start your search, this year can bring new relations, strengthen the existing ones also.
Word of advice- Must take note of your finances, no unnecessary risks.
Although you will be a lot calmer and at peace with yourself this year, still sometime you could tend to be immature. Listen to yourself, to your intuition. Start new work, reach your ultimate goals, financially you will quite sound. Looks like headache will not be a one time thing. Keeping your emotions repressed will be a major cause of this. Arguments with close ones are a part of relationships and you are going to have a few of them. Try to talk your emotions out but only if it is going to release stress, avoid unnecessary conflicts.
Word of advice- De-stress yourself.  Emotionally you need an outlet but not at the expense of complicating matters further.
This year also brings a new prospect for you. You will see things in a new light lot of things are going to change for you, you will gain a new prospective on life. Even though finances need to be in check, it is not all that bad, things may give you more satisfaction than the greens so if you want to concentrate on money, you might want to override the heart. Small minor aches can bother you, take rest and exercise, keep yourself fit. Great year in your relationships, be it with friends, with family, be it old or new. Enjoy abundance of love.
Word of advice- Share your wealth, not necessarily materialistic, your time your knowledge if of great value too.
Daily routine same lifestyle sometimes becomes mundane, so although you will be pretty cushy in your life but still feel bored or jaded. Some losses are indicated financially but they are not big that you cannot cover them so do not lean towards sulking, get up & gear up on covering it. Looks like you are pulling yourself towards depression, feeling low and depleted of health. Relationships can be tricky, you or people around you would tend to be secretive.
Word of advice- Do not be too self absorbed and concentrate so much on the negative side of things, that you miss out on opportunities dropping your way.  
Once cycle of your life is completed so count on it that if you had a bad year, things are going to change for the better. Play your cards right and you could enjoy the best of everything life can offer. You will be more on top of things specially finances, so that’s a good thing, keeping a check on yourself. Exercise maintain an active lifestyle and enjoy a healthy year. Those seeking a relationship make sure you do not over indulge yourself in the task, that could make you desperate, take a breather this year. It may be time to end staled relations.
Word of advice- Organise your finances, check your expenses.
Seems like you have decided to party it out, enjoying the best of food, best of company, best of clothes. It is good to have great taste in everything but facing the reality of your finances and keeping control is of utmost importance, avoid unnecessary spending. Healthy year so keep it that way, keep your self in an active routine. Would have the tendency to be irritated in relationships, with near and dear ones.
Word of advice- Avoid unnecessary bickering and arguments calm yourself down.
You will learn to be more casual in handling situations, listen more to your heart, to your intuition, than your mind. Do not trust people with your money, you need to be very careful about your finances and keep your money with you. You will be full of energy but need to take action to keep yourself in shape. Take medication, do exercise, get  up & get -out. You reach a turning point in relationships, see the reality let go or catch up.
Word of advice- Keep finances under sonstant check and secure.
A little exhausting, a little hard work indicated this year. Do not make new investments, in real estate especially. Some unavoidable losses indicated. The good thing is you will not let this affect your health, you will maintain your healthy routine and habits. Do not try clever tricks in relationships. You could feel a tendency to cheat out in maintaining relations.
Word of advice- Must safe guard property, get your insurance updated.
An end also means a beginning of something new, you have reached rock bottom so there is only looking up to brighter things this year. As the year progresses things will look up. There is not much you can do for financial improvement so let things take its own course. You will feel quite happy inside which will keep you healthy on the outside. Fresh air and spending time with nature will be good for you. New light in relations, staled relationships will recover, new relations will form and it will keep you happy.
Word of advice- Don’t let your emotions rule you, you do not need to be a martyr, so whenever you get in that mode, ignore the feeling.

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