Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 for Leo

Jan-Mar-Looks like you have started the year with a lot of aggression although, quite gutsy,...seems like there is much opposition around you. Acquiring an obsessive attitude would not be good over the coming months, anger, frustration and materialism can make you do injustice to someone at work.
Apr-May-Time for hard control, you have the reigns of your destiny in your hands and you can steer it in any direction you want, if you continue the irritated, disturbed attitude….maybe you will go on the wrong path. Movements indicated, could buy a car or a house also. Come May all this will take a toll on you. You will start to feel quite aloof and distressed, and disheartened, trying to balance between what you are and what you have been in the few months.
June-July-You need to be careful in making choices, remember all that glitters is not gold, also you cannot waste too much time in deciding, mostly in matters related to heart. Losses indicated in July but patience and fortitude should be your weapons, look around for help, you will get it.
Aug-Sep-Time for celebrations and get-togethers.  Since the year has not been very smooth and relaxing, this is the time to forget and relax. Sep will be a fresh start with a fresh mind, time to make your plans real, act on them, whatever you begin now will be a success.
Oct-Dec-Although last 2 months will give you a good break, but you need to be careful in Oct., trust could be broken, old conflicts could start to bother you again. Nov. will be a time to concentrate on yourself, enjoy a break, vacation or just a day at the spa. By the end of the year, you will be recharged with fresh energy and ready to take charge again, things will also be moving at a fast pace.

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