Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 for Capricorns

Jan-Mar-This year is starting with hard work, it is not that your attempt is not showing result, could be it is slow and you are getting tired but this is not the time to slow down or stop and think. These couple of months you have to give more than 100% and March will give you the desired results, a lot o f success and recognition.
April-June-although you will start feeling disheartened again during april mostly in the home front, but may will be again starting a new journey. June will also give positive results, plans will start to take a shape, good time for expansion.
July-Aug- Next two months are specially influenced by women in your life. Capricorn women will themselves be very dominant and powerful. Aug will bring good news if you are thinking to start a family. You will achieve great heights at home and work.
Sep-Oct-this year is like a roller coaster ride for you going up and down and around. Nothing serious but again you will have to struggle a bit to prove your point, to maintain your position this could also make you want to cheat, take a short cut or runaway from responsibilities. Around this time you also need to be very careful of thefts & losses.
Nov-Dec- with changing seasons, changes your mood again, you will be welcoming new love, new opportunities, making new plans. By the end of the year, though, you will learn more patience, endurance and toleration. 

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