Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 for Libra

Each month this year will be different. Some good some not so good, but you can take it all in your stride. Being too stingy is that what makes you happy?…It could just make you more caught up in your own self. So think about it. Cupid will bring love in your life so get ready for a great valentine’s day.
Mar-May- Do not obsess about things even if it is work, you will not be able to manage everything. Women specially concentrate on one thing at a time and if you need to help out some one, must do so. You will reap the results of in this month. Be generous, remember what you deserve will come back to you and only what is not rightfully yours is taken from you.
June-please be careful during the middle of the year. This is a tough time, there could be drastic changes. Movement also for seen.
July-Aug-after every dark night is a bright morning and that’s what you will experience in these next 2 months. It will be a new day which will bring in new prospects, family happiness, marriage, prosperity.
Sep-Oct-do not depend on anyone, make your own decisions, you could feel quite disorganized , may feel the need to look back on every decision that you make, may feel at a loss of ideas, but believe in yourself and everything will be fine.
Nov-Dec-by the end of the year, you will be gripped by the power of mind. You could quite be influenced by very strong woman, who is very apt, capable or at a high position in the corporate world. This could actually work very well for you, because in the last month of the year you can get some great offers.

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