Saturday, March 31, 2012

2012 for Pisceans

Jan-Feb.-  Your year starts with exquisite power in you to turn everything to your advantage, beautifully blending work, family, love, relations. Especially good time for politicians, sales persons. You may or may not actually possess everything, you may give the illusion to others of possessing. This continues in the next month too and you should expect good news and things happening quickly. Although here is more reality and what was in your mind may actually happen.
April-June- As temporary and suddenly things worked for you in previous two months, as suddenly it would end too. It is time for change and to have a permanency in life, you need to start from scratch, building success step by step. But this could keep you feeling quite low and depressed in the next couple of months. You could be selfish and overly emotional, this can bar your thinking. With this you will be more calculative, conniving and scared for the fear of losing or trusting people. Try to keep a balance between your heart and mind around this time.
June-Aug- Beautiful times cannot stay away for long. This is the time for new beginnings, enjoying family relations and blessings from above on your home. Plan to start new creative projects around July. You will have a clear vision of how, what, when. You can make investments, take business risks, join ventures. Although all this can make you obsessed with materialistic world Aug.  You could feel lured to the wrong direction, so must abstain yourself from materialism.
Sep.-Dec.- Great time from now till the end of the year. Enjoy a great position at work, abundance, love success. Woman can get pregnant, if they have been trying for some time. Improvements all over. You could be buying property or making upgrades to your home. People will be very helpful to you around Oct. Marriages and additions to the family seen during these months. Those looking to get married or in relationships will get married or commit to the relationship. Nov. is also the month to make choices, make the right choices and there will be no looking back. Beautiful beginnings in relationships, family or work before the end of Dec., success is yours this year. Enjoy!

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