Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 for Geminis

Jan-Mar-The year began with planning and making efforts and balancing your life. You are looking into the future, looking ahead and trying to take control. Flowing through the next month wasn’t easy, there was much frustration and a feeling of being tied down, not being able to see clearly but as time passes you will see you are able to utilize your energy very optimistically. It is also the time for starting new business or getting a good job. It is especially great time for creative people.
Apr-Jun-This will be a wonderful time, next to months you will be doing very well at work and enjoying great time with family and friends. There will be progress at work, so enjoy the luxuries, parties and fun time along with your hard work, because june will be low month. You may feel deprived of what is rightly yours and there could be disagreements. Financial loss indicated.
July-Sep-Well even though there could have been lows in the last month, but you will have great success coming your way starting July. Professional and personal life, you will achieve great heights and some may welcome new members in the family. Around the next month you could sign some contracts, legal papers, join in a new association. After all this somehow still in sep. you will feel a bit dull, you have to remember everyday cannot be a sunny day so maybe it is good to calm down a bit after months of excitement. Be cheerful otherwise you may miss out on some other opportunities knocking on your door.
Oct-Dec.-You will feel emotionally happy and loved and these are good months for family reunions. This time indicates that a woman, a motherly figure will be of great help if you are facing any kind of situation. New love coming into life is indicated. Even though things are going smooth but an important decision may be pending and you must be very thorough before you make a final decision. Relationships could be at upheaval, you must make your choice after great thought, love is not easy to find.

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