Thursday, April 5, 2012

2012 for Scorpions

Jan-Mar- Year started quite okay for you, there was not  much worry or any account, except that you just had the feeling to hold on to everything that is yours. This turned into obsession around feb. you were more stuck in issues which made you restless. You felt more anger and were not at peace. But mar. seems to be a better month, you will like to start fresh, take a new approach, start with alight heart but do keep your eyes open.
Apr-Jun- This a good month to make donations to any cause you believe in. people expecting returns on investment, you may get them now, due judgments will be decided too. As summer approaches you will spring into a new you. Full of vibrant energy, have a balanced yet energetic approach. June will be a good time to travel somewhere near water, could be a day’s trip, very romantic person may be entering your life for those looking for love. If you need help, just ask people around you.
July-Aug- Please take extra care of your health around this time. Take rest, get your tests done, take a break from work if you have to, do not take tensions, or mull over past issues. During the next month you must show perseverance and control. You can get the most chaotic situation in control with patience and love and calm approach.
Sep-Dec- Beautiful month for you. Very positive and success is seen in anything and everything. You will enjoy work, you will enjoy family and friends. Those planning a family, this is a good time for you. Marriage is also on the cards for those looking for a partner. Any partnership started at this time will be successful. This continues to the next month, your idea will be appreciated and encouraged, you must not ignore your creative side at this time. Nov. although becomes a little slow, health could be down, you could suffer financial loss. Do not lose heart and keep trying, get help from whoever you can. By the end of the year, things will settle down. You will recover well from the past month. Keep a very practical approach in mind too. For women especially, you will successfully manage home and work and may get appreciation also. Your decisions will be valued everywhere.

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