Wednesday, January 26, 2011

27th Jan2011

Aries- Obsessing about money, and all materialistic in your thinking today. Health is not bad certainly not as bad as you may think & if you are sick you should see improvements now.  Today is a day to try out something new in your career but make sure everything you do is balanced nothing harsh in career today. Overall a good day, those going for competitions will win today.
Taurus-Ah! The money problems end now, I know I know you will say its been a clinching problem but don’t worry its over now do not get too emotional see the positive in life otherwise it can take a toll on your health. Career  may get you new opportunities or your long due temp job may become permanent, chances of promotion, but still you are worrying too much do no let yourself get into depression, like I said before things are turning for the better now.
Gemini- Like a friend of mine says morning sunshine….this is a beautiful day for you, finances will be stable & growing and there to stay. Keep control of your diet & eat healthy & control the temptations. Before you take any steps take advice  of a professional, pursue a course to enhance your skills for your career . Enjoy the day & shine bright.
Cancer- the long due case, finally gives result. If you feel you may be you need to go to the doctor then you should, all that energy you have been feeling can sometimes drain you, so no harm getting yourself checked. Do not expect colleagues & bosses to be in a helpful mood today, and try not to unnecessarily get into arguments if you can avoid it, complete your projects enjoy peace and spiritual well being.
Leo- tighten your belt and get ready for action, money coming in, running out & coming back in, so not to worry but yes, transactions happening swiftly & quickly. A spa retreat or a day out indulging in the goodness of life is waiting for you so give yourself the best but do share with your loved ones also. Remain sharp & alert & keep any eye out the colleague at work may upto some mischief. Yes, today is also a day where you can relax your body but not your mind.
Virgo- winner winner all through the loss you had the other day, you will cover it up today. A healthy wealthy day. Ladies if you are trying to conceive you may hear good news. Yes, things at work may feel slow but they are walking towards a positive outcome so be patient, subordinates will be very helpful. Go win the match go win the world.
Libra- detail to all money transactions will be required, though tedious but do not miss out on any small details. Feeling excited, energetic is good but make sure you don’t  exhaust yourself. People at work will be friendly enjoy your office party but don’t let that one person bother you much that you change all this good happening to you into your troubles. Beware the stability in your life may be moved a bit, get ready and welcome the changes.
Scorpio- yes, you have been working hard and you still don’t see the money’s worth for effort this can affect your health in the sense that you feel  low tired but nothing serious. People at work maybe too stubborn but that’s the way it has been so don’t let it bother you today. Scorpion women, very ambitious very independent but somewhere deep inside you may get a sense of loneliness, you can manage work & family today so keep at it.
Sagittarius- do not be in a hurry to figure out a way to earn more & more, don’t feel stuck with limited money patience & perseverance you will see it’s not that bad. You may need to get your doctor’s advice so do not ignore your health. Don’t look too far at work for the next achievement it’s not far away now. Whatever you plan/planned to achieve you shall be able to, today.
Capricorn- party time, gains for you today, profitable day so sign the contracts, make the deals. You will healthy and happy inside & out. At work also things will take a turn for the better. Keep an alert mind women don’t feel an emptiness your career is your passion & family is your love you don’t need to choose one take care of both.
Aquarius- not a good morning for you, financial loss today so be careful in money dealings, headache could be an issue, at work also either you have been very cunning or people have really stepped all over you. Remember it’s not the brightest of day but all this is very temporary and if you look carefully you have opportunity to make up for any loss, just may need an extra effort.
Pisces- you sow what you reap so your results will also be accordingly. For those waiting for a good news in the form of a baby, you will hear it soon.  A new job or a new project is waiting for you, you are a natural at it so welcome it with all the enthusiasm. Businessman be careful of pilferages today, at job be careful someone else may take your due.

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