Thursday, January 27, 2011

28th Jan

Aries- new opportunities knocking on your door, finances are good, if you are planning a collaboration good day for that, but make your choice clearly. Energy levels are low even though there’s a lot of excitement in you. You will get a break from all your hard work so cheer up.
Taurus- do not stress your back & neck today. Things at work will require your inner strength to keep everything under control, but financially good day. Profits should pour in. Those dating or looking to get married, you can plan to tie the knot today or find your “the one.”
Gemini-you will get unexpected help financially, but wish carefully what you want. You will have a few career options but take too much time you won’t have any option left if you hurry it may not be the correct choice. Starting to exercise, make sure you do not overexert, that could lead to long term issues. Being clever is good but do not be cunning.
Cancer- take care of the finances, do not loan money to anyone today. At work things will be fine, generally people will be helpful make sure you keep everyone happy. You will not give your brain any rest today, lot of thinking going on. You will be a closed self, keeping things to your heart, there seem to be some conflicts in your day.
Leo- it’s good to hold on to your money but it is just as fine to spend some on yourself, you will still have plenty left. Recognize your hidden talents that’ll be very helpful in your career move. Feel happy, make a new routine for your health and you will see things changing for the better. Over all you will see changes starting today so be prepared.
Virgo- very fruitful day, enjoy the wealth, new ideas and activity happening in your career also. Take doctor’s advice if anything is bothering you. Brainstorming and new possibilities will keep you occupied today.
Libra- some losses, but see this not as an end but as a new beginning,  you can make a fresh start. Don’t feel lonely take this lone time and do some soul searching. Health will be an issue, tensions on yourmind will not let you sleep but you have to keep this point in my mind this is all very temporary and things will change for the better soon.
Scorpio- the payment that was stuck for so long will come through so cheer up. As always you will be sharp adept efficient at work, could be emotionally overwhelming day, but overall a fantastic day for you.
Sagittarius- you will be presented with lots of situations to make money but go by your intuition, hard day at work but the hard work will be noticed and given the due. Enjoy good health, good food and smile. Keep the ideas in mind coming but be careful on what action you take.
Capricorn- finance not at its best today, lot of things requires immediate financial attention. At work, risk of backstabbing and petty thefts is there. Get together with friends and family will keep you healthy and happy. Losses have happened making you feel really heartbroken but this is all getting over now.
Aquarius- all your hard work may not pay you as much as you expected but you are almost at the last step. Work frustrations will be there making you feel stuck, take care of your health today. Socialising will keep you quite busy today.
Pisces- what a happening day, full of energy. You will easily be able to tackle money issues. A great day for artists, get ready for new job offers. You will feel very energized and will be quite on the run too. Can also plan some mountain trips also.

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