Thursday, April 5, 2012

2012 for Arians

Jan-April- Starting the year you are very emotional and intuitive. Doing what your heart says and paying more attention to your feelings will be good for you. Things may not be very clear to you or may be presented clearly but your gut is quite right in most cases. Feb. is a very pleasant month, full of love and great opportunities may present themselves to you. Emotionally high but generally happy time. Next two months are dominated by women or women in your life. When you started the year, you were went more with your intuition but now you will be very logical, studying the fact of the matter. Your decisions could be very shrewd but most likely helpful as we see for the card in the next month, it is encouraging you to be excited, enthusiastic and inspiring you. Aries can be influenced highly by a workaholic, independent woman and a creative, sociable one in the two months respectively.
May-This is good month, you will be in a happy state of mind, enjoying every activity, you will gave great ideas, enjoying socially.
June-Dec- the year may not be looking too bright starting now, but do not be disheartened, it is just a regular up and down. You may feel defeated and at loss, this could make you feel ashamed embarrassed, you may want to take away what you feel you deserve, thefts, losses, betrayal indicated.  July is the month influenced by a very independent, ethical, powerful man in your life. You would not like any restrictions, any limitations placed on you.  Aug. is not the best time, but you should keep your hopes up, slow maybe but your wish will come true. Take rest, do not try to struggle, believe in yourself and your future. During sep. also losses indicated but it is not all too bad, the struggle of the past month can take toll on your health so make sure to relax and look for help, it will be available. By Oct. more stability will set in but you may want to move on from where you are, emotionally or actual physical movement is possible. You want to do this in desire for a better, stable future but you have to make sure what you leave behind is not left forever. Nov. is a time for heart breaks, sorry to tell you this but you have to be reminded again to not to lose hope. Time may not be right, but after every dark night is a bright day. Just be careful of not blindly trusting anyone, be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Dec. will give you the opportunity to begin fresh, a new lookout, end of the year but beginning of a new year and better times starts now.

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